A-Bot for Capitals and Motherships


So are there basically any bots here, or just devs sharing ideas and cooperating on projects?

I am trying to start a bot farm to improve my sales on https://odealo.com/games/eve-online/ market, hoped to find one here


Both, you are provided the framework to do modifications suiting your needs.
@Master said “Before release…” so he is not finished working on his version yet.


This might be a good idea especially when multiple bots are in use; make them all use a configurable chat channel to call out the anomaly sig id so that the other bots auto-ignore called out sig id’s. That prevents the capitals from having to move on every time they meet eachother, by not having them meet eachother :slight_smile: The ships are slow, so every slight gain in performance means more isk / hour.



Good Idea, but atm Im focused with another dev. to refactory all the base-code, for run multibox



This post was made for find other dev like me to work on this “idea”, we made the bot, the bot working, but after we made it we saw the management of task ect could be improved.

We start a totally refactory of “A-Bot” using always “Sanderling” but with a totally different concept of management and tasks, we added some “services” directly.

I can say our new version is totally diffrent from everyelse. And right now we are working to make our bot runnable under innerspace.

So the “initial concept” is totally changed from when I started this thread, so the “release” of this BOT have to be discussed by me and the other dev.

What I can say right now is we added everything I wrote on this thread, we added the memory structure missed to reconize the coldown of the fighters too… At the moment we are improving the manage of combat field and we are going to make our BOT runnable under innerspace for make it multibox without block the user interaction with the PC

Are 15 days me and the other Dev. working on it we rewritten like everything, so how you can understand It’s not only a my work, and I think it’s correct ask to the other dev if we want release it and how we will release it.

My apologize for the time dilation but we have to finish our goals and then we will discuss about the release


May i ask you: why did you change the concept?? Is it too complicated for you? What is the new concept that you are using?

May i see this part? I plan to do this after the completion of a simple bot and this information would be very useful. I think the Architect can add this part to the framework.

I do not understand what is “innerspace”. Can it be better to try to optimize the program for a virtual machine? This would allow running several copies of bots on one computer.



May i ask you: why did you change the concept?? Is it too complicated for you? What is the new concept that you are using?

Too long to explain, Sanderling is a fantastic work made by @Viir but manage the fighters squadron and all interaction how was done with the bot task and combat task was too hard, in anomaly we lost in media 3-4 fighters per anomaly, much function was deprioritized by the logic of task execution, how I told is too much to explain, to improve all this we changed a lot of code, the base is always sanderling the rest is rewriten to interact with a better logic ed execution, using various parts of previous our works, in other old projects.

May i see this part? I plan to do this after the completion of a simple bot and this information would be very useful. I think the Architect can add this part to the framework.

About coldown, if I show it to you however you will not able to add it to your solution, how I told we rewritten too much, now the squadrons have a own service module, I can show the constructor of the coldown value, but the rest is not compatible.

I do not understand what is “innerspace”. Can it be better to try to optimize the program for a virtual machine? This would allow running several copies of bots on one computer.

http://www.lavishsoft.com/ -> click Inner Space, you will understand why we are going to make it runable under it :slight_smile:


So is not it just adding a new property to the memory reading structure?

Thanks for the link. I’ll check it later.



We found the coldown value, but into the memory in real is “disableButton” this because the coldown appear only when the module is disabled.

Now Im at work and I haven’t here the A-Bot solution, I will show you later, Idk how explain by words lol


As far as I understand this program is paid. ($15 for 90 days, or $50 per year).
It also confuses me: “Inner Space also provides .NET 2.0-3.5 and 4.0 support in process.”
Because the Sanderling requires version 4.6 of .Net Framework.
Have you tested the performance of the bot?



How I have already told we are going to make A-Bot runnable under innerspace, I not told “it’s already runnable under innerspace”, give time to time.

Innerspace is more better then virtual machine or rdp session, more fast and light.

However unless speak about it, we are still working on it, the bot work and we are improving all stuff, sanderling is a fantastic work, perfect to manage simple actions in loop, but for a complex bot like squadrons usage needed rewritten many stuff, we inegrated other stuff to make the BOT working alone without any problems.

If we release it or not, under innerspace or not etc etc will see into the next days.

I can offer my help if someone want integrated some functions in their own repository, but about “my” repository atm isn’t possible look it.



First of all I hope this doesn’t comes off wrong, this is just my comment on the whole thing. Its @Master and whoever worked on this projects final decision anyway I’m just pitching in.

InnerSpace(IS) is a platform that specializes on providing a framework for basically all the popular games.
It’s issue is that each game has to have its own development maintained by the customers with quite a decent development skill sett. So usually you see some initial work or someone taking up the mantle for a game and after some time its support diminishes into nothingness.

That along with the fact that Innerspace + each game framework has their own monthly fee makes me a bit suspect about the approach to this, tbh. There is no denying that Innerspace is a great platform to do this on, but it comes with a decent price that you could buy other complete botting solutions for too…So is the benefit lost?

I suspect you will need ISXEVE if you are maybe going to make it work within that(Innerspace) framework, meaning you need 2 monthly fees as ISXEVE has its separate subscription model as I mentioned above.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that Innerspace handles multiple instances of the same client (Virtualization) Really well, and does not take mouse/keyboard input away from you freeing up the possibility to have a ton of clients at work simultaneously .
This is of course a Huge benefit.


How lite are you anticipating per bot instance, CPU/RAM/GPU? OS, 32/64bit requirements?

Sounds like you intend to sell licenses?



There is another solution instead of VMware and Win7 Netframework.

In my experience VMware has serious memory leakage issues when host is win10. I have tried several different setups to make it work, W10 host with W7 or 10 guest (pro, home x32 or x64).
But in them all eventually the guest OS starts to freeze and perform extremely slow.

I have a dedicated old notebook running win7 host and w7 tiny. Runing Tinyminer and H-bot. But they cant run sandeling newest version (netfram issue).
But at my desktop and work notebook i just use Hyper-V (virtual machine), W10 host, and W10 pro guest. It work with all bots including all sanderling.
So maybe u still can sell your bot as a standalone product since people can use Hyper-V to run multiple instances.

My personal opinion is that we look for automatizations in order to save money and time, using a subscription method will exclude a lot of people to buy it. People who run several bots at the same time for sure will benefit, but not the casual single or duo bot. Its your work and time, if u have to commercialize it at least do as a standalone product. From all bots available only 1 has a subscription (that i know of).
reboot gr
miningbot de
https://www.macrolab-online.com/ only trader has a subscription
iskmaker i think this project is dead.
(new user 2 links restriction)

PS 1h30 min to be able to sit on a carrier. Skill injected it bc of u guys work! Exited to try it out.



At moment we are looking for “solutions” our idea is to make a “switch” so make the bot runnable under windows (so how you prefer) or under inner space (perfect for the multiboxing)

Im not able to see if we will release the bot under payament or for free or other stuff…

I know anomaly bot is “a dream” to everyone can fly them and know the “bot’s world” want a bot like that, what I can say is “yes is possible botting in anomaly, yes is possible do it without any code inject, yes is possible do it with sanderling” in the same time we not stopped to make a “runnable bot” we wanted improved all the exectuion logic and clear all the “old” code not more used.

So I will keep you update on what we will decide, Im sure you can understand we spent 16 day (until today, so more day will be added) to coding, decompile, study memory structures, find the right py objects etc, so now we don’t want run and wrong something at the point to finish it :slight_smile:


I can totally understand it @Master and although not allot of people say it…The work you and the guys have done to solve these issues are great! But I’ve seen these kind of projects starting before though as mentioned, so I just hope that you land on a solution that will be comfortable for you guys and the public :slight_smile:


Is there an update about this bot? I’m very interested in knowing what it’s current state is :slight_smile:



Of course you can

Actually I added an function to check to avoid or not some anomaly for example we have 2 type of Sanctum, the first is with the 5 circles on space, the second is with the pirate complex on space, so for example I want to avoid the 2nd type of sanctum, the bot actually use 2 overviews, the first with npc, the second with large objects, when he enter in anomaly if he find the pirate complex he ignore the current anomaly and go to the another.

I deleted, where I could, all interaction with menulist (like: right-click, lock targhet) and I placed the various shourtcut, this improve the management of action.

Im working now to avoid the anomaly if spawn the NPC Dread.

And in the sametime we are refactoring the bot about executing states, all our services work at 100% but for the way of A-BOT’s manage task, sometimes some principal function are override from others.

So we are refactoring all this shit.


Do keep in mind, it’s not always needed to avoid the npc capital. If I’m in a Hel or Nyx and a npc capital spawns, I’d prefer to kill it and get the bonus payout.

Maybe make it a flag so supers can still choose to stay and fight, and if you’re really going at it, make the bot bookmark it aswell (That way, the people using this bot can check say once every 1-2 hours if there are any fresh wreck bookmarks and pick up possible lootings). But that’s super-optimization :slight_smile:

I am busy making a proper trading bot using Sanderling which also communicates with EVE’s API so it can make new buy orders aswell, but if you ever want to exchange ideas let me know.



Is in my plan allow customizable some configuration, but atm the bot haven’t an real interface to do it, so before everything we have to finish the various optimization ect. after will be possible what you say about to avoid or not.

About your work for a Trading Bot using EVE Api:

I think is better if you not say more, use EVE Api in a BOT isn’t a good idea, if you want take this kind of botting route, you have to change hw signature, use vpn etc, you have to imagine everyone can read this forum, CCP too, so the forum can be finded and readed from CCP Team Security too…

This is the why I don’t release any repository about my work, or I not realese any kind of code behind it… still today Idk if and how I will realease my bot if I will do it… not because “I don’t want” but because less ppl know how it work and where find it more less are the possibility for the Tem Security to find a way to detect it, if you start to think in this way… if you go to interact with EVE Api, you are giving a way to detect you.