A-Bot for Capitals and Motherships


I hope a capital ratting bot is never available.
With how the community and CCP are reacting to 8 Nyx being discovered, any public release of a capital ratting bot would probably cause an even bigger bot crackdown (than what just started), destroy the game’s economy, a substantial loss of player base, or all of the above.

As for how @OneNonlyNova spoke, it seemed emotionally charged. To me, it is clear that you were disappointed to not find it available. (Not going to respond to debate on that.) As for the @Master posts, his tasks and stuff look like they come from a fellow developer.

My analogy for how botters should think about their algorithms… If you worked as an undercover spy, would you go to an International Spy Convention? Sharing small tidbits is fine, but more than the basics is just silly…

I also keep my projects to myself because it would be stupid to freely give others a greater ability to cause inflation and reduce my effective income. Just my null ratting algorithm averages over 40m/hr. That’s not that great compared to real players. But if there were 100 bots, that’d be 4b per hour, or up to 92b per day, without neutrals. (Potentially 2.76 trillion isk per month. But I only make what I need to support my PvP habit.) Believe me, there’d be a whole lot more than 100 if I released my algorithms for that.


@OneNonlyNova Good stuff :slight_smile:

@Innominate I think you touched a very important topic here, public release of something that could bring in potential 120 mil an hour (is it 60 mil a tick still?) would get cracked down quickly.
But I do not however think there would be an uprise or economy problem resulting from it being discovered, it has long been suspected that russian = bot space.

And I think there are more bots both semi and fully AFK than we realize :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why I do not develop this topic.

Details about this incident

Discussion (Rus)

All big alliances have russian corporations.


Interesting links @Terpla.
I was wondering what the cause was for the recent spike in traffic. Maybe it was this turmoil.


There were russian video on youtube that says that public version of capital ratting bot exist so people start searching. That simple.


@TheChosenOne, People can brag with a video without sharing their program. Saying that it is publically available just because you see a video, is a bit premature. What’s the link for the video or website that hosts the bot program? (It would be in your YouTube watched history.)


@Innominate youtube they are talking about public availability around 11:20


Good afternoon. Where can I download the bot for tests?


Master has stated that he will not make this publicly available due to the impact it can have on the economy. If you want a bot that can work for capitals and supers you can modify A-bot code like he has.


I’m not strong in programming (((


I began to study the possibilities of Sanderling + InnerSpace. But I ran into a problem in the joint work of these two wonderful products: Sanderling does not detect EVE process and there is no possibility to receive data.
Tell me, please, in what direction to dig for the organization of their joint work.
Thank you.

PS Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:


you have a discord or skype you’d be willing to share to discuss things about your code in a more private format?


Right, however Im back, I saw other ppl did my same stuff (or something like that) and damn, my inbox is full of questions/request lol


So… how does one obtain this bot? I am looking into carrier botting to make some money.


This went private, you can ask master, but i doubt you’ll get access to it.


@Master I am intrigued to say the least about how this bot sounds. I understand bots like this are normally kept private. Basically, I am here to ask… is there any way I can obtain this for personal use. I would be willing to pay real cash for it because… well… I wouldn’t have to buy ISK or PLEX anymore. Please pm me if you are willing to share a copy with me, thanks!


i’v registered specifically to contact you as i’m most interested in you work (tho HIS bot is good too but not with caps). How can i contact you ? or maybe you can contact me (can’t PM you somehow)


Hey send me your discord, lets talk about carrier botting. reply and send it as a private message.


no clue how to PM on this forum tho :slight_smile: