Adapting EVE Online Memory Reading for Chat Window



By using this version:


Yes but i can’t compile it myself :frowning:


Bot works, but does not see local chat. Do I need to configure the client? Or it can be connected with today’s hotfixes CCP?

Sorry for english, use Google Translate.


I compiled and uploaded the app executable file, so you can download it:


It seems I compiled the wrong branch, it works. Thanks for your work


ok, but it’s the a-bot too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ty Viir, sorry for all question

Edit: i saw you another post, thank you bro :slight_smile:


If using Sanderling-17.11.19

How can we update that version of Sanderling for memory reading changes?

Nvm … I updated the same changes to memorymeasurement code vir did as listed above in comments … appears to be working now

See Adapt To Changes In Memory Reading Implementation