Bot 7E301560 - /* Ver: 1.1 ORCA DRONES: SPACE 1.0-0.8



Complete Bot ID: 7E301560449A0B8573DA67290D2A98BCE2474548
This bot was discovered on 2018-08-26 by @Svs at: Mining in HS 0.9-1.0 another script

An excerpt from the bot:

/* Ver: 1.1 ORCA DRONES: SPACE 1.0-0.8
This bot mines ore only with drones. It using a bookmark folder for chosen belts and take them in order. It unload the ore in “home” station.
Before running this bot, prepare the EVE online client as follows:

  • Set the UI language to english.
  • Move your mining ship to a solar system which has asteroid belts and at least one station in which you can dock.
  • In the Overview, create a preset which includes asteroids and rats and enter the name of that preset in the configuration section below at ‘OverviewPreset’. The bot will make sure this preset is loaded when it needs to use the overview.
  • Set Overview to sort by distance with the nearest entry at the top.
  • In the Inventory, select the ‘List’ view.
  • Enable the info panel ‘System info’. The bot needs this to find asteroid belts and stations.
  • Arrange windows to not occlude ship modules or info panels.

The bot source code was seen at:

This Bot works with: Sanderling v2018-07-30

Mining in HS 0.9-1.0 another script

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Hello I use the bot with orca all seem good no problems at all except one thing.
I bookmarked the belts as is mentioned in the notes but only selects the first one always.
Even if the asteroids are depleted tries to change belt but selects again the first one and there stuck.
How we change that to select also an other bookmarked belt.


I will look on code in the evening… ok? ( not at home)


Bit look on git on the last commit until then, i remember i fixed this
Now i remeber better. Using bookmarks and taking them in order is impossible for me. Use asteroid belts ( how it is script posted) and he take them in order and use the system default structure


Not at home also but as I remember for orca mining script doesnt warp without bookmarking.


HEllo @rakneraser
I tested the script ( actually I modified the script to switch mining site if asteroids >0) and how it is on site , using “asteroid belts” system folder it change at ease ( warp ) at next asteroid belts. It checks the actual site if is registered and warp at next. I tested with 3-4 belts
So actually it doesn’t work with created bookmarks list ;
To take in order the bookmarks is too complicated, because the menu’s are not the same like for “asteroid belts” from system.
Another thing, if you talk about the version from pastebin … I have no ideea if is working or not, because is not mine. I talking about my version from git ( Mining in HS 0.9-1.0 another script). Take care to load the last commit, if you want to try