Bot BA1BA655 - Mining Anomaly and Fleet + protection( bonus)



Complete Bot ID: BA1BA655B0DCDA2CF475DC9222D251E78DEB6483
This bot was discovered by @Kaboonus at: Mining anomaly in fleet (or not) + protection

An excerpt from the bot:

/*Mining  Anomaly and Fleet +  protection( bonus)
**in developement, he has some unused voids and bugs etc etc so, do not cry too much if is not working at 100%
this script will take mining anomalies, keep distance to fleet leader (usual an rorqual) and  deposit the ore into his fleet hangar
he can use drones , btw ( you have to activate lines in INBELTSITE)
if rats are on grid and  he will broadcast in fleet window " enemy spotted", even if he will warp home to keep him alive,
but safe is to use him in your own fleet 

The bot source code was seen at:

This Bot works with: Sanderling v2018-07-30

Mining anomaly in fleet (or not) + protection

(This space is reserved for later additions.)


If i’m reading this right, it supports ice anomalies ?


icicle … do not what. for thick ice blue you have to add prefered order in


it take asteroids or anomaly ( whatever will be); it should change the crystal according to asteroid type.
still in development, this script ( i do not have too much time for mining/ratting, and i can fly only an covetor
**with the help of Viir I solved the ModifierOrePreference, git updated


I was playing with this earlier, it’s a good start defiantly and hope to see this evolve.

I updated the following Lines
“Dark Glitter”, “Clear Icicle”, “Gelidus”,
“Dark Glitter”, “Clear Icicle”, “Gelidus”, “Smooth Glacial Mass”,


“Gelidus”, “Icicle”, “Dark Glitter”, “Glare Crust”,
“Gelidus”, “Icicle”, “Dark Glitter”, “Glare Crust”, “Krystallos”,

Using the latest github.
had an issue with it unloading when the hold was full, But i am still sorting out if it was the script or me messing up with the config.


on latest github is

string[] BaseOre = new[] {

"Dark Glitter", "Clear Icicle", "Gelidus",

string[] ModifierOrePreference = new[] {
	"Crust", "Glitter", "Icicle", "Gelidus", "Blue Ice",
"Vitreous Mercoxit", "Magma Mercoxit", "Cubic Bistot",

I updated the git after your posted here this:

, so you have to update your script.

yes the unloading wasn’t worked like it had to do in your version( commit) because it was

string UnloadDestFleetContainer = "Fleet Hangar"

I changed that to
string UnloadDestFleetContainer = “Rorqual (Fleet Hangar)”;
and is working.

The script is not an push and ready to go script, you have to adapt him to your needs. Myself, sometimes I mine in my own fleet, sometimes alone, sometimes in corpo fleet for myself or sometimes for corpo.
also he warp to distance, but you could save your own bookmark and rewarp because to approach at 80m/s for 58km is too long, and this is not scripted ( yet)
one more thing, the compressing is not yet implemented. the most difficult is when you mine for yourself and you have to identify your own ore in fleet hangar…


Figured it wasn’t.

I’m more focused on the anomaly mainly ice mining aspect of it.


I used an endurance/covetor/retriever lonely and is working. I keep a second char to ratting in system and he clean up the rats :d :)) ( or i run, and fast).

I will implement the cloaking from an older script so he can be usable in porpoise/orca, but to fly these I have to wait like 15 days.


If you mean solo, interesting i’ll have to give it another look here.