Bot DFADE32F - /*V 1.1.2 This bot ratting anomaly and/or asteroids;It use tethering zone, warp distance configurable from



Complete Bot ID: DFADE32FDA224D3EBB1F72C6F14C47A928A97F7F
This bot was discovered at: How to enable bot to click Okay on a message pop-up "All items busy"

An excerpt from the bot:

/*V 1.1.2 This bot ratting anomaly and/or asteroids;It use tethering zone, warp distance configurable from settings, take the loot (or not, by ship type). Planning time by session or by time before DT, logout at the end of first timespan and stop bot. Protection from bumping
Latest release of Sanderling can load scripts from web so the bot will be with default settings (what I use at the momment, so review your settings)
Download the latest release of Sanderling from


add save bookmark site; now you go back to same site until you finish him and also until there are no wrecks
added ship range max ( in km, the script do the calcs). If the distance to first rat is > range, then will start to spin around him
(-) because of same rares circumstances who stuck the ship without doing anything, I deactivated the “one push” function for “open cargo”.
(+) changes in timers calculation
ignore rats further than 120km (configurable)

The bot source code was seen at:

This Bot works with: Sanderling v2018-07-30

How to enable bot to click Okay on a message pop-up "All items busy"
A-Bot and problems with saving ship when neutrals or hostiles show up
Having issues with the anom bot

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the bot is a total failure doing rock havens cuz you need to add some waiting time for rats to spawn


Is good is a total failure for you
until you check why for you didnt work, because for me is working, i send you exact emplacement of lines where it waiting rats on haven rock


I chosen haven sites:haven%203
he wait on haven site:
and here you can see if is work or not ( except the pause because I warped from there in manual mode)

how you can see he wait for rats in haven sites
Conclusion, my TOTAL FAILURE bot have a surprise for you: is not a failure but actually it made 1 plex/2days

Ratting bot: anomaly and/or asteroids with Sanderling

this is weird … cuz when i enter a haven it starts pressing on the same anomaly and clicking save location … but it works absolutely fine in Forsaken hubs … sorry if my statement offended you i didn’t mean to :slight_smile:


man, it simply works for me daily
and yes, it save the anomaly to come back on the same spot if hostiles.

I can tell you for sure , if you play with the bot ( start, modify, restart etc) it starts bugging and is normal.
Also on a second computer, it had problems, simply because the game was not updated;
I’m not doing haven simply because in loot+bounty terms is almost the same and because the rate of dread apparition is bigger and more than that, ewar attacks are often.
I’m more interested in keeping the same ship to bot days and days than making tonnes of isk; If you use a fit for bigger orbits (80 km range for targeting on drones and ship) you simply have a lower dmg, but you stay alive long time.
The script is not so easy to modify, is really imbricate because of asteroids part. Also is longer in responses because is a script( I’m talking about attacking with drones) but the retreat for hostiles is really fast - and annoying also.
Overall, is a general script/bot. and he will stay like it is. As a child of this one, I started to create a specialized bot only on anomalies


so i gave it another shot … it actually works now that i wrote “haven” instead of “Haven” so i think writing capital letters instead of small ones matters i dunno if this is intended or is it something related to programming so forgive my ignorance


Actually i forgot of Haven possibility, not haven. usual we use haven because we use regex ignore case
I will add Haven at identification on 596 line
DOne, master branch updated


Hi Kaboonus, i try your last updates working very well exept one think… dosent take ‘haven’ or Haven. For me dosent work, his ignore all or dosent take warp i dont know why


hello @sebymax23 thank you for your feedback.
in original is:

string AnomalyToTake = "Forsaken Hub"; 
string IgnoreAnomalyName = "haven|Belt|asteroid|drone|forlorn|r .....

did you tried deleting from ignoreanomalyname haven?
it should be:

string AnomalyToTake = "haven"; 
string IgnoreAnomalyName = "Belt|asteroid|drone|forlorn|r

at least for me is working like that


I dont know why but for me still dosent work whit the same code like yours, last version before this take haven but not waiting for rats, this one dosent take warp to the anomalie, maybe i did somthing wrroung and im not see it, btw thanks for fast replay mate.


more than that, did you checked if the Sanderling read the window? ( because sometimes when you have more windows opened, the game is fucked up)
in Api Explorer ( dev tools or last measurement etc)
a good measurement is like that:


a bad one is like that:


exit from game
close the launcher
and sandering; ( but sometimes is better in this cases to end process from taskmanager)
reopen launcher, login,
get out from station , open the window probe
open sanderling
after is greenchecked, see in api if it is see window probe

if this doesnt work, then restart computer :d :)) (you are fucked up if you have rdp/vm :)) )


I just finde my mistake :string AnomalyToTake = “haven”;
string IgnoreAnomalyName = " |Belt|asteroid|drone|forlorn|r was the | before Belt, but now i have the other problem… :D, why take warp to bookmark “home” fisrt and after to the next anomalie and somtimes dosent take next anomalie


because you have something in your cargo :slight_smile:

	if ( OreHoldFillPercent > 0)
        Host.Log("               You won't start a new anomaly with the cargo at : " +OreHoldFillPercent+ " %  . Go to unload !");
        ClickMenuEntryOnPatternMenuRoot(Measurement?.InfoPanelCurrentSystem?.ListSurroundingsButton, UnloadBookmark, "dock");
        return MainStep;

thats one
the second is because is a gap in the measurement of the window and for 0.0001 sec he believe there is no anomaly ( until is populated); Also sometimes, you will see between 2 waves the log status go to insitebelt and really fast is passing back to defense function.
The difference between 2 is in the case from defense to insitebelt , both are functions. and insitebelt is called inside defense, so sometimes is imperceptible.
taking an anomaly is an completely separated function, when there is no other function active ( is called from insitebelt only in friend presence on site because I had to combine ignoring anomaly and warping- and sometimes he warp home faster sometimes he warp to next anomaly faster)
General speaking the are situations when the combination of environmental factors`is not … programmable in 100kb so first come first served :slight_smile: I cannot avoid that . Also, even If I developed some scripts, I’m still a newbie with zero bits of knowledge so sometimes is far for my lvl to develop something 100% controlled

Ratting bot: anomaly and/or asteroids with Sanderling

so taking in account the gap, but sometimes you really dont have any anomalies, then is “camped” in tethering zone.

Ratting bot: anomaly and/or asteroids with Sanderling

your answer is rly clr for me, thanks a loot for your explication. One more think to say… you good in what you doing your script is awesome


thank you for appreciations. :slight_smile:
to be honest the script is far from good. but he is doing his job in good parameters.


now i test for havens, i hope work well like forsekn hubs. I see you looking a solution for boting multiaccounts… this is how i use for two accounts, i download ASTER control one more monitor,mouse and keyboard, separate windouws account and you can use same pc whit two diferent windows users at the same time, one monitor waching netflex and second your boot do his job