Bot DFADE32F - /*V 1.1.2 This bot ratting anomaly and/or asteroids;It use tethering zone, warp distance configurable from



I have been trying out the bot, but it keeps dying from miss clicks.

When it gets into a site that has a poerson in already, it wants to ignore the site, but some times it clicks “Bookmark location” in the meny, and not the “Ignore sinature”. It keeps trying to ignore it, and it often gets killed from the rats while trying.

Is there something I can do to get it to click the rigth place in the menu ?


can you paste here more messages from this situation?
also from your description I see you doesn’t read the entire post and other posts on forum, where it was same problem …
** did you updated your script?


Can I find a log anywhere with some info in it ?

I can’t find anywhere where my problem is talked about. The places they talk about mouse click dont look like my problem, and I am not a programmer, so I dont know how to read what they post in code :frowning:

The script should be the latest one. 1.1.2


capture photo ( printscreen /screenshot) from sanderling, like here

or better a big printscreen and you host him on net. and send me the link.
but, since you still do not read the forums ( thats was explained already)
I will do it again :slight_smile:

the normal behavior is to take warp at home ( bookmark or , on garbage script using overview , and if you updated) and right after that, to start ignoring the anomaly from windowprobe. Sometimes, since is a gap ( read the forums, for details) it could ignore and warp to another anomaly.
thats for standard scripts ( mine) ; but if you added something/changed etc etc , well is your problem why it acts like that.
not only once I posted proves it did work like i say so, in conclusion, before all, post the things i asked for, and just in case, you could prepare yourself with some more sreenshots( from game, to see if you have arranged the windows in a good manner and what/where you have the home bookmark.
If not, I cannot do nothing, since Im not betwen your screen and chair at the keyboard


Thanks for the help.
Sorry I am a noob :wink:

I have started the bot again with a new ship. I will let it run and if/when it dies I will screenshot what the screen shows.

I will look at my window setup in game, to see if I have any problems.

Thanks again


man, stay close to computer, and until then, tell me first what script you use and if is updated at last version. ( reffering to git versions)
if you have to send with private datas ( char name, location) you can send in private
except you and another guy , nobody have this problem. and he used a version 30 versions back


kaboonus Hi, i’m using script v 1.1.2 for first time and found one problem that i couldnt solve. When my ship comes to “Haven” anomaly it waiting for about 5 sec and warped off to home station. I think It cause of npc’s doesnt spawn instatly on “Haven” and bot think that anomaly finished. Also it prooves in logs, bot saying that anomaly is finished. Is there any option in code where i can increase this “timer of waiting for rats” before next step ? Thank you.


Hello @Dosu, and tank you for making your account and your first post on the forum
the last version of RAAB 1.1.2 is actually 1v3. I didnt’ change in the head because the bot catalog think is another bot ( he reads firsts’s rows)
when the bot make the review settings it shows >>>Settings Review bot RAAB 1v3 ?
it’s strange because this snipet

                Host.Log("               I'm in Heaven, waiting my rats :d :))");
                while( 0 == ListRatOverviewEntry?.Length)
                    return InBeltMineStep;

should keep him for … eternity if it have ( or until a red coming in system) ( you could see here on git)
and how I posted above here with the capture from sanderling
is working like a charm, and 2 days ago , when I updated the garbage bot ( and it have the same code) I’ve done more than 15 haven sites because I wanted to test the ewar list ordering with more than one ewar type on you ( tested with 6 types from 7 ships)
So the code work.
The only reason to “jump” over the some snipets ( except a change in conditions like, a wreck appear on overview or all celestial it disappears) is a flaw in internet connection; It happens on my super cool end advanced gaming notebook, on ethernet and wifi, but never on my old desktop. And when I tell never, is never, even if I restart him about once in a month and the sanderling stay connected 24/24. Don’t ask me why, is the new generation trash high tech.
So maybe is the same for you. Your game it disconnects from time to time? It could be a sign, but more sure you can be if you have a second screen and put the sanderling on him; If it change from green mark to red marks in a second, even if everything is ok and function, then your fails are from your internet connection( like for my branded notebook) And more visible is if you use rdp or 2 accounts in the same time.

Anyway if you do haven and you are not interested in loot , then is better to use garbage bot. You could salvage or not ( just change on false usesalvage drones( line 54 so you can take the commanders loot).
If you want the loot or you do asteroids, from time to time, then RAAB is better.
Garbage is simpler and have some advantages:
use of stations at your choice from overview to warp instantly,
repairing your ship into station
intel audios allarm
you can use and track more chars with the same script in different regions( so different drones )
use salvage drones ( in 10min these drones finish a site and you have in + maybe 1/2 of bounty value, depending of rats)
more than that it use painters (to take aggression on you and not drones), sensor boosters, shields boosters, etc

Raab is nice and clean, but since is 2 /1 - anomalies and asteroids, the space ( because the filesize is limited) is take with more conditions.
In the end I have some advices:
study your area/systems, and watch your bot working, to see if is working well for you
study the script, look and learn from over the net basics in programming and in C#; so , if some conditions are not working for you, to change at your needs.
When I started there was only the sample scripts for mining and the one for travel. 3 scripts. and some snipets for A-bot, all made by pro.
Now you have 3 script more, and you can see their development - more than 60 versions. Each update (version ) is a step full of mistakes, errors and could be a lesson for you. More than that I was alone, and I’m null in programming. In fact is an entire work for more than half a year :wink:


to take every time the last version/update
of RAAB bot use master link
for GARBAGE the master link is this
or go on my git and take directly each script

do not forget to update all the time your sanderling from here


Thank you very much for reply and explanaition. I just added last version of your script and its working very well with havens. Going to dig more to understand how its working. Thank you for your work!


As you recommended i tried your “garbage” script. First i modified parameters as i needed but stuck at one moment. When bot comes to Gas Haven and trying to skip this anomaly, something went wrong. Bot moved cursor to left top screen, opened “solar system menu”, started beeping, and used cycling warp hotkey. Log looks like this:

14-17-07 989 Gas Haven, better run!!
14-17-09 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-11 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-13 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-15 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-17 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-19 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-22 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-24 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-26 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-28 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-30 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-32 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-34 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-37 2039 Try warp Instant
14-17-39 2039 Try warp Instant

And so on until i paused bot.
In RAAB script bot warped off to next anomaly or sometimes to staion. I mantioned new parameter in “garbage” script compared to RAAB - string StationHomeName = “xxx|xxxx”;. I entered here my home name bookmark and also here string UnloadBookmark = “home”;
Maybe its cos of this new parameter ?
Thank you for reply.


if you look on garbage post
string StationHomeName = “xxx|xxxx” is not the bookmark, but the name of station in overview

Basicaly, you have to add stations on overview ( or citadels , whatever) and a part from his name you put on StationHomeName

so if your citadel is named " This citadel is tested by kaboonus and Dosu",
StationHomeName = “citadel "
or " tested”
or “dosu”. etc
more than that, if for a char you use station " tested" but for another char, another system your station name have “bear”
your string could be :slight_smile:
StationHomeName = " tested|dosu|bear";

so you can put all stations used by you, and the bot will push S key and click on his name => warp almost instantly .
From here, if the red is still in system will dock using the bookmark, or go back to same site using the bookmark " old site" or, it could dock for other retreat reasons.

The instant warp it depends of 2 factors: reload of measurements ( 3-400 ms) + reload of same snippet on script. I have put he void in perpetual routine: if drones are out, then call back drones or else warp. Overall, it take 0.5-0.7 sec
if you look on older scripts, and try them, you will see entering in warp from bookmarks it take 5-6-8 sec. Time to reload measurements and time to reload the snipet retreat , cheking conditions with drones etc. Usual, 5-8 sec is enough, but if the red hunting you, and bookmark your position , go out of system and come back ( or his corp mates) then you-l have 2-5 sec since they enter in system, depending of his size.
1 sec it take to update their presence.
2-3 sec it take to draw the drones
0.5 -1sec to warp
you cover the 5 sec; but if they come in 2-3 sec then the bot try to warp instantly and let the drones . ( in while condition you have if (listOverviewEntryEnemy?.Length > 0)
so in the end you could stay alive. is tested by me in small systems, and is biggest cange and shortest way to escape
Back on you topic, you have to add a station in you overview and put his name(a part) on StationHomeName


RAAB use only bookmarks, garbage use both. Sometime, because it is a gap between measurements, script position etc, it could warp to home and ignore and warp to next anomaly or totaly invers, ignore and warp to next
garbage will warp instantly at station, and on the way he could ignore, or near station, when he enter in take anomaly


Thank you very much, now i figured out with you help!


np man, anytime.
Hope you enjoy the bot :slight_smile:


Something strange going on with drones, never seen this before. When drones attacking npcs and neutral appear in local or drednought spawned - as usual bot start spaming calling back drones hotkey and preparing to warp out. One time drones just continued attacking npc but in drone window showing “returning” status. Ofc bot just waiting for drones and didnt warped off without drones. In the same time log showing that bot waitig for drones. Second time was the same situation but drones returned to my ship and orbiting it but do not come in drone bay. And when in first time status of drones in drone window shows as “returning”. All this was in “garbage” script. I thouth something just bugged, i even rebooted my pc but problem with drones still presist. Then i tried RAAB one more time and in this script drones come to dron bay as it should be. Maybe its something connected with changing drones for different npc type feature ? Really cant understand how it possible when status of drones showing as “returning” but in the same time they orbiting my ship or attacking npc. Very strange. Maybe someone got this bug before ? Thank you for answers.


Wait ubtil i finish a site and i will answer. Spamming in logs « i do not forget my drones » is just a text, to see if the deones are called.;
Also there is no reading used to be used when the deones are returning.( taping on phone so i have errors) .
When a ally is comîg and you are orbitîg there is no change, the bot doesnt warp .
When is a dread the string retreat raison is not null, so it start the retreat.

But to attack when the window drones show returning… that’s really strange but no connection with sanderling .
A reason for game to react strange could be a too fast spamming of ´retreat drones ´ ( but is not happening for me for 1month of daily botting - more than 100 retreats /day) and 2-3 chars on the same time, so it has to be connected with dreads, because normally he has to save a bookmark.
Maybe you was attacked in same time and the script just jump on other line …
Anyway i will look on sources and try to find a cause


I will retake from the begining.

your drones are on aggresive mode? It happened me once to cannot call back the drones because of that ( RAAB script in early versions; and more than that it was on my older desktop with 1gb ram :d, so it could be from lag ).
But it could be somehow a visual bug and in fact the drones didnt come back. Be sure to make big enough the window drones, to be entire text ’ drones + entire text fighting) visible

the names of drones actually is taken in account only for aredronesdamaged void. now the garbage script it use the folder, and the name doesn"t have any implication at retreat drones . it is a simply push key f on keyboard. At launching, yes if the folder is null ( is not there) it could launch each drone at a time ( but honestly i dont know if is working 100% now with using the folder). Anyway, launching each drone at a time is time consuming, and because of that i adopted the folder version, and it could be extended at using light /medium/ecm in function of situation… in a really short fighting script it could be used for FW :wink: and pvp.

Another cause it could be if you have different shortcuts.

Anyway, I use garbage script daily and it never happened like in your case


Thank you for reply. Just tested with new configured script, maybe i just messed with something in old. But same problem, if dread or neut in local, drones just do what they want but not returning in drone bay. First time they flew up to my ship and start flying around when in same time bot spammed hot key returning to drone bay and status of drones in drone window showed “Returning”. Second time they just frozen in place near npc wthat they attacked before and did nothing. In the same time bot spammed hotkey and status of drones was “Returning”. I moved drone window to another place, redefine all shortcuts to default, increased drone window and nothing helped. Maybe i’ll try to make a video and send you a private massage ? Or maybe i could use logs to identify what can pe roblem is ?

21-58-09 1779 Toggle module ‘100MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner’ using F1
21-58-10 984 I do not forget my Vipers here
21-58-13 375 align
21-58-14 984 I do not forget my Vipers here
21-58-15 984 I do not forget my Vipers here
21-58-16 984 I do not forget my Vipers here
21-58-17 984 I do not forget my Vipers here
21-58-18 984 I do not forget my Vipers here
21-58-20 984 I do not forget my Vipers here
21-58-21 984 I do not forget my Vipers here
21-58-22 984 I do not forget my Vipers here

Log looks like this and etc. until i pause bot. Thank you for reply.


logs doesnt help man, maybe a video.
but for start, comment the line 321 322

 //  if (!Tethering)
//WarpInstant ();

t see if it is from warp instant or not ( next lines will take warp from bookmark