Bot DFADE32F - /*V 1.1.2 This bot ratting anomaly and/or asteroids;It use tethering zone, warp distance configurable from



After i commented lines, bot started to do strange things. First he recall drones and they returned normally without any problem. After this bot began to check modules and then waped out throuth bookmark. About checking modules maybe its cos i started bot already in anomaly to not wait for all process when neut will appear :slight_smile: Tested 3 times, drones returning to bay as it should be.


so, let’s conclude:
normal behaviour:
-red enter;
the bot call drones
when drones are all in bay he dock into bookmark station
he dock
he do his stuff ( etc etc doesn’t matter)
he undock, check modules , read bookmarks, it says is true, he warp at 0

** btw he check modules, but if these are already recorded the mouse doesnt move from module to module , but you will have each time the log message

So in you case the problem is with warp instant.

you can test manual ( hope you are in null space)
add citadels on “combat” tab overview and save
add citadels on “colly” tab overview and save
send me in pm their names ( at least 2)
and also in pm what you have on
string StationHomeName =
and press s key and click on same time in overview into a station
after you warp at this station
press d key and click on same time onto another station

tell me the result


Hi Kaboonus, I was wondering if you could help me? I am a complete novice when it comes to coding, how exactly do you input your script into sanderling?


other details , what to change/adapt inside the script you can find at


(sorry I cannot answer more detailed now, i have to get out in 15 min, if you have more questions, put them on paper, post them here and I will answer … maybe at night.
And welcome on our forum :slight_smile: )


Excellent work! What kind of ticks have you experienced in asteroid mode? (I live in npc 0.0)


welcome @Butte and thank you for appreciation.

Honestly, I used Asteroids mode only on neutrals for the one’s in the respective area. If you want, I was the red for them… And it was at the beginning of script creation . Because of all that , there was not so much traffic in system and the acces was only onto station.
The script evolved, I added Tethering conditions and their war stoped. …And I stoped to use Asteroids mode, starting to use other chars .

So It was into a system with almost 30 asteroids belts and I tell you only from memory. After a time, since I was lonely in system and do only rats in asteroids, they start to be all the time in belts. I warped, and in about 2-5 sec lived the belt because it was empty of rats. next time when I’ve come into the same belt, there wasall the time rats inside.So after 2h when you have almost no rats , you start to have rats in each belt. ( Let’s say almost)

Per Belt I took arround 1-3m ( 3 m if there was 2 BS), but more attractive was the loot: 3-4m. Into a vexor low level sp, taking in account the warp in 7 min you kill them all and warp.
About the officers … they … kicked my ass :d :))

Anyway, since then, And because anomalies are more scalable and stable like incoming at low lvl and also because I am reds for others, I keept my char into stations and do copy bpo :d :))
Anyway, strictly speaking of asteroids ratting, I think is better to create a script only for that.
If you want to bot asteroids, try to note what you use, what movements you do, what scenarios you meet ( situations). If you send me in details all that, even for a specific ship - or you record a relevant battle ( use the mouse to click etc etc, to be visible) then I can create a asteroids specific script


That’s some great info, I’ll make a point to record some instances and retreat/deploy scenarios.
I remember many years ago before anoms it was reasonable income. Had you ever heard of H-bot from around 2010?


on eve Sanderling is the first and the last bot I use :slight_smile: H-bot I think it was with pixel reading, isn’t?

There are still guys who use Gila for Asteroids ratting, thy have a good incoming from oficers


Yes it was, I have been experimenting with sanderling and sample scripts from this thread but they all seem pretty targeted at anomoly rating. It seems like an awesome platform though. For belt officers typically more than 500dps is needed right?


the differences between anomalies and asteroids are:
you take the warp to belt or anomaly in different ways ( both are present on this script)
you orbit around rat or arround an object ( both are present on script)

that’s all.
in rest, you “heal” the ship at the same point, you run from reds/titan .
if an officer come , only 500dps is not enough. He can come combined with an titan, or a horde of rats ( the ones with the symbol ) or gate rats, or autothysyan ( whatever the name …; never remember him and looked on google an copy paste because I lost some ships)). In this point, a carrier is good because 6-7scramble + 6-7 web + hits +neut (6-7) … are deadly. and there is no bot who can manage all that ( non -carrier ship) . Except this situations, a Gila is enough ( and playable with the present script, also ishtar, played both myself for fun) An Vni … not so, in real null space. Not because of dps but because of his defense. Biggest defense means biggest times to run, to change the sites etc etc. That’s why the Vni is perfect, it could run up to haven sites.
In HS, I runed the script days and days in a vexor. Is ok.
Why I concentrated on anomalies? simply: you can use low lvl ships and is scalable . I can let my bot running when I get from home, and in the evening he still runs . In the asteroids is not the same: more different rats, and also the miners could catch you and repport. You cannot ignore a belt, is too hard to program and/or too expensive in 100kb filesize. Space who is nedeed for other things.
If I have to update this script with all the features from garbage script, it come at 200kb.
Now 200kb * N bots, on botengine server will load him and will result a lag. The lag will go to losing ships, etc etc
Even so, there is no point to do a big script, simply because you start to have disrupts on plaything; the cycle between 2 complete reads wil be bigger and at a moment you’l have 2 actions in the same time.
the real samples are on mining , not on anomalies :)). These are included on Sanderling.exe.
My scripts are made for myself and offered for free because Sanderling framework offer is so large and people could learn from this scripts and develop their own bots.
Reading the forum, post by post, I’m sure you will have more ideas or new ways to do a script. Even without any knowledge on programming, you could learn, like I do, to script


That’s all very inspiring, I’ve taken your advice and begun poking around the mining script and familiarizing myself with some of the syntax. You mention your bot hunting anoms in highsec? How many spawns would you typically get in a day?


Usually i took anomalies from 1-5 jumps and when it was not anomaly i took asteroids.
It was for testing the script, not for money … so I didn’t counted


Does this bot have the ability to pull drones back in that are being shot by enemy? or to use target painter to draw aggro?


use the garbage script for painter.


Bot wont run. I get this that keeps going over and over.

18:55:57.068 [46] : status transition from None to Pausing.

18:55:55.254 [45] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:53.877 [44] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:52.505 [43] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:51.133 [42] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:49.850 [41] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:48.571 [40] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:47.250 [39] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:45.957 [38] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:44.717 [37] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:43.437 [36] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:42.201 [35] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:42.201 [34] : Armor Repair count = 0; Afterburners count = 1 ; Hardeners count = 0 ; Omni count = 2

18:55:40.055 [33] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:38.731 [32] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:37.523 [31] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:36.337 [30] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:35.152 [29] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:34.010 [28] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:32.736 [27] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:31.592 [26] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:30.323 [25] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:28.867 [24] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:24.616 [23] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:24.616 [22] : Armor Repair count = 0; Afterburners count = 1 ; Hardeners count = 0 ; Omni count = 2

18:55:22.155 [21] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:20.799 [20] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:19.473 [19] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:18.155 [18] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:16.874 [17] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:15.589 [16] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:14.311 [15] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:13.110 [14] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:11.822 [13] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:10.592 [12] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:09.312 [8] : R2D2 : recording your modules

18:55:09.311 [7] : Starbuck : I’m searching my ‘fumerellos’ …

18:55:07.592 [6] : > Started at: 13:55 ; Logout in: 05:10:59 ; Shield.hp: 100% ; Armor.hp: 100% ; Hostiles: 0 # Msg : ; Rats: 0 ; Drones in space(total): 0(5) ; Targets: ; Cargo: 0% ; Offload count (max limit): 0(100) ; NextAct: MainStep

18:55:07.589 [5] : >Recorded transition from location ‘’ to location ‘6-IAFR II’

18:55:07.578 [4] : > eveSafeDT : 21/01/2019 10:49 .

18:55:07.578 [3] : > eveRealServerDT : 21/01/2019 10:59:00 .

18:55:07.578 [2] : UTC start at: 20/01/2019 18:55:07 .

18:55:07.299 [1] : Bot operation started in session 1810cc6c26a7d243.


that means it doesn’t "see " your modules.
are you setup your bot and game like here

and here?


Thank you for hasty reply. I’ve managed to get it passed the recording modules. Now it ignores all anomalies. However, I forsaken hubs and havens selected.

string AnomalyToTakeColumnHeader = "Angel"; // the column header from table ex : name
string AnomalyToTake = "Forsaken Hub|haven|"; // his name , ex: "forsaken hub" or " combat"
string IgnoreAnomalyName = "|Belt|asteroid|drone|forlorn|rally|sanctum|blood hub|serpentis hub|hidden|port|den";// what anomaly to ignore : haven|Belt|asteroid|drone|forlorn|rally|sanctum|blood hub|serpentis hub|hidden|port|den
string IgnoreColumnheader = "Name";//the head of anomaly to ignore


you cannot have both.
you have to chose between them

string AnomalyToTake = "forsaken hub"; 


string AnomalyToTake = "haven"; 

somewhere in the script it is an identification exactly after the string, so if you have “forsaken|haven” he will try to match this , not “forsaken " and after that " haven”.
this one:

bool AnomalySuitableGeneral(MemoryStruct.IListEntry scanResult) =>
scanResult?.CellValueFromColumnHeader(AnomalyToTakeColumnHeader)?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase(AnomalyToTake) ?? false;

Adding ignore anomaly + warp off when blue occupied

Everything is running perfectly now. Thank you!


I’ve checked through the script, is there anyway to get this bot to ignore a neut that might be cloaky camping a system?