Bot F87C9DC0 - This script mines ore from asteroids



Complete Bot ID: F87C9DC0EEF53FA4C785AFF2F7ADF1076F2832CC
This bot was discovered at: Yet Another Mining Script ;)

An excerpt from the bot:

// This script mines ore from asteroids.
// before running this script, make sure to prepare as follows:
// +enter bookmark for mining site and bookmark for station in the configuration section below.
// +in the Overview create a preset which includes asteroids and rats and enter the name of that preset in the configuration section below at ‘OverviewPreset’. The bot will make sure this preset is loaded when it needs to use the overview.
// +set Overview to sort by distance with the nearest entry at the top.
// +in the Inventory select the ‘List’ view.

The bot source code was seen at:

This Bot works with: Sanderling v2018-07-30

Yet Another Mining Script ;)

Place reserved for later additions