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This thread is a chronological overview of my work to help you with bot development. I noticed it tends to get chaotic sometimes, so I am trying this as a way to keep organized :thinking:. I guess that ordering by time will be most effective to find things again.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post in a new topic.

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People mentioned they have problems getting hash values for files.
Being able to share and identify files is essential when working on bots, so I wrote this guide on how to do that, using hashes:


This week brings improvements specific for EVE Online.
As some people had difficulties adapting the memory reading to their use cases, I improved the example code in the Sanderling repository:

It now better shows:

  • Which part of the intermediate results we reuse when reading the UI tree multiple times from the same EVE Online client process. (In the Sanderling app, we reuse the address of the root of the UI tree, because this address does not change. By reusing this part we save time so that subsequent readings of the complete UI tree can be completed in about 200 milliseconds.)
  • Where the transition is between the intermediate representation (partial python objects) of the memory measurement and the representation found in the bot developers API. Observations in the last three years showed this is an important boundary: When we adapted the memory reading to new client versions from CCP, we did that in the part that happens after reading the partial python objects.

You can find the guide on adapting EVE Online memory reading here in the Sanderling repository at ./guide/

As always, if you want to learn more about how the memory reading works in EVE Online, don’t hesitate to post your questions on the BotEngine forum.

What is going to be required of Sanderling for the 64 bit client?
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