Easier Setup of Mission Running Bot for EVE Online



I see some folks have difficulties setting up or adapting the Optimat mission running bot. For those who would like an easier setup of an EVE Online mission running bot, I want to offer a way here.

If you want to automate the process of running missions or farming standings, post in this topic so we can look for a solution.

Mission running bot does not execute missions

Viir, pls, if u can do this, i really appreciate it.


I would love it too if you would find the time to update that bot


+1 on this! Would certainly be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Yes, pretty please! :yum:


Good, let’s start.
When I see what you want to automate, I can take a look at how a mission running can be set up. For mission running, I think it makes sense to look for a task which could be simply repeated over and over again, without retaining any information between the iterations.

To describe it another way:

  • The process I am looking for should contain everything needed to get to the increase of standings.
  • This process should work when performed multiple time in sequence.

I guess many prefer to get something working as soon as possible, so I would like to start with the case which is easiest to solve.
The easier the scenario we pick, the earlier you can run your bot.

How can we know how easy a task is to automate? I see some metrics which could be helpful here, maybe those are sufficient already, so I will work with those until we see a need for something else.
For a task you want to be automated, let me know how much you need of those:

  • Number of clicks.
  • Number of keyboard inputs.
  • Time.

I am not sure if there is any need at all for keyboard input. For each time you need keyboard input, add this information: What keys are used and what is the effect?

The information above is just an idea of what we probably need at a minimum, add as much information as you see fit. Giving more information also might help to have more people agree on priorization.

Would be nice if we can find a scenario more people can agree on.


As someone who documents processes like these for a living, my advice is to start with high level outlines of the tasks first. It gets a mission, undocks, goes to mission, completes mission on space, goes home, docks, completes mission with agent… Repeat.
When algorithm starts, is ship Docked, Undocked, or neither? (Do what if neither. Undocked go to "goes home part of script.)
For each of the things above, ask how you do them and write it down. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t talking about the clicks and keys, you get there as part of the iteration of defining each higher level step in a bit more detail. Not only does this make things easier, but it also makes ot easy to define the process as named functions instead of a wall of code/steps.


I second the above. Number of clicks etc should naturally come with the script and should not pose a limitation to the functionality as far as I’m concerned.

Please correct me here if I’m wrong, but isn’t the outline of the mission bot already given with the Optimat source code?

Maybe tweaking/adapting it accordingly would be the easiest way here.

At least the missions that are already stored should still be very much valid, since L4s have hardly been changed for years.


Sure, if that is easier for you, start with a high level outline.


working on a missions bot, not optimat :))


@Viir Any news on this?


Yes, we are making good progress here: https://github.com/Viir/Kalmit/commits/master

Problems with Sanderling 17.11.19

Oh my, can’t wait for a functional version of this :slight_smile:

Thank you Viir!


Maybe i am just stupid but that link you posted leads to an unrelated project :grin: