Eve Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release



I love you, thank you very much :smiley:


MS Visual Basic is the best package to use…


but like , where if the code ? where can i change the warp distance , and target priority, and like , make it warp a object


You will need to go to the github page for that data mate.

Do a quick search in the top right for “Source Code” and one of the posts will come up. I can’t remember which on e it is exactly, but will only take a few mins.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Question for the safety warp:

I finally got the chance to have the neutral entering system tested today … And, the bot clicked in the top left as it should, but wouldn’t warp to the SAFE bookmark.

So, I made a bunch of bookmarks; SAFE, Safe, safe, RETREAT, Retreat, retreat, Station, STATION, station etc etc etc I’m sure you get the picture … It didn’t warp to any bookmark with a neutral in system.

What am I doing wrong?


Is it possible to run the Sanderling on x86 Windows? or only x64 available?


First, configure the name of the bookmark as described here:


Yes, you can also run Sanderling on x86 Windows.

How to run Sanderling on x86 Windows
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Every time i press play it says
Diagnostic: “warning: no configuration supplied.”(BotTask->BotTask->DiagnosticTask)
Diagnostic: “no suitable anomaly found. waiting for anomaly to appear.”(BotTask->AnomalyEnter->DiagnosticTask)

i have downloaded the latest release but it still says the same thing


These are two messages:

This is no problem, as long as you don’t want any configuration, you can ignore this. You can make this message to disappear by supplying a configuration file as described at: Eve Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release

This is also no problem. You will see this message go away when a combat anomaly appears.


Hey, there are a couple of things I would like to ask

The bot isn’t automatically turning on the afterburner/armor repairers/tracking computers, does this require additional input within the config file

Have you thought about having the bot use shortcuts instead of manually clicking for all of its controls, such as CTRL+Click to lock a target, F to trigger drones, etc.

I don’t need the bot to lock and engage targets (drones are on auto agression) Other than frigates, as sometimes these do not agro. Is there a way to change this?

Thanks for your time


I recommend you set up the configuration file as described at Eve Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release and Eve Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release

Does this work for you for activation of the modules?


Good morning friends…

I have two small problems that I do not know how to solve.

Is it possible for me to do maconfiguration in the “bot.config” file so it gives warp only for a particular anomaly in the list.

Another setup is, the fit I am using puts only 04 drones in the air, can I change this in “bot.config” too? Because he sends the 04 drones and keeps trying to send more drones.

Summing up:
My ship uses only 4 drones and it keeps casting drones non-stop because it seems to me that it waits to have 05 drones in the air. Can I change anything in bot.config to send only 4 drones?

And regarding the list of system anomalies, can I configure only one or two types of anomaly the “bot.config” for it to give warp?


No, this is currently not supported.

No, this is currently not supported.


Guys I need a little help here.
I am new to this bot and need you to tell me what I am doing wrong.
This is a standalone program if I understand correctly.
I found a place with 3x Combat sites.
I try to start the bot but first it just goes up to the corner and multiclick…
Ok I found out I have to MANUALLY create bot.config file and insert { “RetreatBookmark”: “safe” } (and I bookmarked a safe place).
Now the bot instantly goes to safe site, but does not go to Combat sites ?
What am I doing wrong here ?
There are 9 people in Local ? Does that matter ?
And bear with me, I am new to this : )


Also - I am using non drone ship ?
Does that matter?


Not really, as i know.

Try to read this post, maybe it will help: (RetreatOnNeutralOrHostileInLocal setting in config file?)


Thank you.
I need like a copy /paste for my config file if that´s possible ?


Welcome ivar85!

Yes, this matters. When your char is not in highec, the bot warps to the safespot when multiple neutrals are visible in the local chat.

As far as I see, this explains your observations of the bots behaviour.

Let me know in case you see something else unexpected.

As a side note, the behaviour described above is coded at the following location: