Eve Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release



@Zerashk in the anomaly window do you have the whole “Combat” word visible?


@Fuzzy This is my screen layout … I think I have everything visible, but it’ll still just sit here and never warp anywhere.


@Zerashk I think you need to detach the map window from the site list for it to work and then close the map part.
It’s on the left of the X above the “filtered” anomaly list.


Looks good, I will test it out tonight and leave some feedback if i find something worth mentioning

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How well does this bot work with VNI ratting?


@grand10 It works quite well if you use my modified version that I linked in the rather obvious thread :slight_smile:
It does not support player detection at the moment though as I haven’t heard back from @Master in a few days to get that sorted.


Do you mean player detection as in; others in the anomaly or threats in system?


Read through the thread here: Link


Anyone found a way to make bot loot wrecks and put it in station ?


Good program;

one question is it any code that make possible the recall drone after safe warp because of ennemy in local ? as after the warp when the bot come back to the anom if you have a VNI only 2 drones left in the cargo so the question is;

any chance for a line allow to reconnect to the lost drones ?

thx again good job.


The optimal rutine would be this when a hostile is spotted in system:

  1. Recall drones
  2. Align to safespot
  3. Turn off Afterburner/Microwarpdrive
  4. If hostile lands on grid warp off right away! Ignore drones.
  5. Once drones are collected, dock/warp to safespot

That way even if you are scanned down you will be aligned at speed to jump if something lands on grid.



Were u able to able to implement this routine?

Another aproach could be.

1.Recall drones
2. Aproach drone.
3.Turn off Afterburner/Microwarpdrive
4.after n amount of seconds warp to SS
5,If hostile lands on grid warp off right away! Ignore drones.



@SuicidalPilot Unfortunately I’m not a developer so this was just a pitch to what the approach to solve the problem could be.
As per your suggestion I would really not strong text recommend to approach drones as if you are scanned down quickly and not aligned you will get scrammed and killed.
Drones, even heavy ones travel at decent speed compared to your align time and the extra seconds gained collecting the drones are lost(and then some) when you then need to align, build up speed to warp off.


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Hi all
I’m trying to make the A.bot to dock into my Station
But when some neutral or enemies pop in the local tchat, the bot click on the systeme and don’t clik on my BM,
and click many times and anythink else…
Can someone help me with that ?

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How to make a drag and drop operation with custom destination location

@Fuzzy @SuicidalPilot

Both are right at 50% but in the same time you are wrong approach.

The escape can be of 3 type:

  1. Station
  2. Pos
  3. Safe

In all 3 type you need a safe spost:

  1. Station -> Instadock SafeSpot
  2. Pos -> Bookmark inside the forcefield
  3. Safe -> Bookmark SafeSpot

Told this, we are in anomaly, an neutral pop in local, the right execution is:

  1. Align with prop mode active to the safe spot (this make distance from the anomaly landing position to us, so if someone warp in your anomaly you will be distant from him)
  2. Recall your drones
  3. Wait for the returning
  4. Warp to te safespot
  5. If SafeSpot = INSTADOCK then dock
  • If SafeSpot = POSsafe then do nothing waiting for the local clear
  • If SafeSpot = SafeSpot then cloak

IF neutral/enemy appear in grid during the drone returning, avoid the returning and force the warp to escape.

This is the right routine :slight_smile:



Too much effort for do it, too much code for nothing, if no drones in drone bay then go back to station and refill them, more easy then check all in-space brackets lol


Heya @Master,

I do love a proper discussion! :smiley:

You are correct about the distance from warp in, but you are forgetting one important thing: Align time to warping with a prop mod on really sucks, and causes your drone recovery to substantially increase unless your using light drones.
I am talking about the whole operation costing about 10 secs in my situation and 30 secs in your situation with prop mod on.

19/20 times I am gone with all my alts (I have to do my explained steps in sequence on each account so you can add +5secs delay per account after the first)
The odd occasion someone lands on grid with me they are far enough away so I can still wait until my drones are recovered and warp off.
I usually don’t risk it when they start locking if it is a T3 as some of those have extended scramble range, Ship > Drones any day but since I am aligned at max speed it’s my call how I want to play it :slight_smile:

So again, my 4 (5) steps above is the overall fastest escape with the highest escape chance with ship and drones.
And I have tested variations of this hundreds of times.



In my way… you instawarp lol.

If you active the af/mwd -> give warp and then deactive the af/mwd, at the end of the af/mwd cycle the ship will instawarp, so all your calculations are “right” only if you keep active the af/mwd for all the time, this is wrong, the trick is keep active the prop always (usually an vni or ishtar use af and not mwd) then if something appear in local give align command, if something appear in grid click warp and then turn off the af/mwd (in all this you are already in distance and probably already aligned) in any case at the end of cycle the ship will instawarp.

This because when you active the af/mwd the ship’s velocity go to increase this mean you will need more velocity to enter in warp… BUT if you give the warp when you have af/mwd the game go to calculate the “enter warp” at a certain velocity (more up then the standard velocity required without af/mwd), when you go to deactive it, the game, go to calculate again the velocity require to enter in warp, but in all that you have already reach the standard velocity required to enter in wap so you will instawarp :slight_smile: