Eve Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release



any t3 for the most part can do a sanctum. ishtars and proteus are very good for this… Tengus are still the best ship to use for pve in most situations. imo… train all the things tengu and enjoy a great multi purpose ship… buy a few extra subs and you can cloaky haul shit etc…


i have not uused abot much i just like testing stuff but as far as drone recovery it works. it mostly depends on what kind of drones u use. they need speed or they will probably get left behind… If the targeting was more human like i would use it more than just occasionally


i wonder if 4 things could be added to this:

1.)dscan functionality that checks if the anomaly is already taken
2,) only use certain anomalies (havens, etc)
3,) orbit a certain large collidable structure once at site
4,) use prop mod only in site and deactivate it before warping out


What ships work well with the bot out of the box? It seems like the popular ratting ships, Ishtar and VNI need to be speed tanked, which the bot doesn’t do. Am I missing something?


You are free to implement this functionality: it is possible and not very difficult.

This is not a complete bot, but very good blank. You can add or change functionality on your own, but you must possess at least basic programming skills.


it would be very easy if there was some form of documentation.


Parts of the Sanderling Documentation also apply to A-Bot, for example:


Hello, any new version soon ? :slight_smile:


Greetings. Guys tell bot work?


I will pay someone to write me a few simple bots .


none of these bots work
all loads of bugs …oldest miner have loads of bugs and this is new
drones wont go out it just loop there .1/10 it drop them and leave them in belt
1/4 it wont see station bm or belt bm
or just sit in station in looop reading 0% ore cargo

this is nice but these guys need to finish one ,and start to next ,not just leave there with 50% of bugs
my 5cents


this is a free framework. so cant complain too much… i cant write code so this framework is kinda useless to me… people that can write code im sure are loving it tho .


i plan on buying a pixel bot that i dont have pay to fix or troubleshoot… i was using isxeve but there is 0 support for bots for isxeve and its a paid subscription on top of it… https://www.macrolab-online.com/en/forums ive been going through the forums over there looking around and reading. looks well supported… and good user base. knowledgeable about settings and such.


Hello, after latest patch the a-bot is not working, its warping to anomaly but then just keep clicking on the anomaly and not doing anything, like it doesnt know if its alredy in the anomaly. Please fix it, it was working good for months so far.


Good morning,

I was trying to set up the bot but received following error message. Am I doing something wrong?

Diagnostic: “warning: no configuration supplied.”(BotTask->BotTask->DiagnosticTask)
Diagnostic: “no suitable anomaly found. waiting for anomaly to appear.”(BotTask->AnomalyEnter->DiagnosticTask)

Many thanks,


@Trash, the diagnostics look like it does not see any anomaly.

I guess it was not updated to use a recent enough version of the memory reading service. There have been some changes this year which resulted in need for an adjustment in the memory reading code.


Since the last DScan Updates the bot wont work anymore. It will warp into an anomaly and then get stuck.

How do i update the Sanderling Version of the bot or is there a way to get an updated release?


For the update, I suggest building the VS solution from https://github.com/Arcitectus/Sanderling/blob/master/src/Sanderling/Sanderling.sln and then using Sanderling.dll from the build output to build A-Bot .


@marquies, I have updated A-Bot to use the current version of Sanderling memory reading: https://github.com/botengine-de/A-Bot/commit/24ab030d6ec9b7ab3ebc1ef461acffaed405513e

You can now use it by building the A-Bot solution.


To fix the anomaly reading issue, see the release at https://github.com/botengine-de/A-Bot/releases/tag/v17.05.03