Eve Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release



I am trying to warp to all the belts in system. So I take a measurement of the overview and get the length of it. I assign that to a variable in Bot.cs then I iterate through the list warping to each overview item. Except it doesn’t work :frowning: Instead it right clicks on each one but never clicks the warp to.

if (Bot.Belts < listOverviewToWarpTo.Length)
       yield return listOverviewToWarpTo[Bot.Belts].ClickMenuEntryByRegexPattern(bot, ParseStatic.MenuEntryWarpToAtLeafRegexPattern);

So it right clicks on every item in the overview but never clicks Warp To… If I set the yield return to a int though say like listOverviewToWarpTo[0] then it works and warps to it. I can’t understand why it doesn’t warp when it has an int from Bot. It moves the mouse perfectly but never does the ClickMenuEntryByRegexPattern(bot, ParseStatic.MenuEntryWarpToAtLeafRegexPattern);
part… and I can’t work out why…

Thanks again



I compiled and tried to run the latest update and now the bot doesn’t do any actions

3 leaves 0 s ago at 07:50:15
Diagnostic: “warning: no configuration supplied.”(BotTask->BotTask->DiagnosticTask)

It doesn’t undock or do anything :slight_smile:


I downloaded the latest version …
I would like to know 3 things …

1- What name in my bookmark do I put for him to warpar between a neutral in the system?
2- How do I get him to warpar to another anomaly when mine finish
3 - Is it possible that he will have a drone return to the position if he is being damaged?


I fixed that bug: https://github.com/botengine-de/A-Bot/commit/d2cd8caf70bc117a2ee0f2f0726c6a076d22c226


Warp between a neutral is not implemented.

For warping to another anomaly, you can use the AnomalyEnter task.

Yes, that sounds possible.


Thank you my friend…

I’m using version 17.05.03.Sanderling.ABot.exe (https://github.com/botengine-de/A-Bot/releases/download/v17.05.03/17.05.03.Sanderling.ABot.exe) and when I put it to work, when a neutral enters my system it gets a bookmark in the solar system.

Another feature is, where do I put in that version the name of the anomaly for it to warpar when the mice finish?

Because I open the probe panel and it does not warpa anywhere.

I looked for some configuration window in this version and did not find it, just give me the option to play or pause.


Thank you Viir that now works.

I am still having the problem though when trying to get it to warp to asteroid belts.

if (Bot.Roids < listOverviewToWarpTo.Length)
    yield return listOverviewToWarpTo[0].ClickMenuEntryByRegexPattern(bot,ParseStatic.MenuEntryWarpToAtLeafRegexPattern);

If I use listOverviewToWarpTo[0] Its fine… It right clicks on first element and warps to it. If I set it to Bot.Roids(listOverviewToWarpTo[Bot.Roids]) (which is just the number of items in the listOverviewToWarpTo.Length. It will right click on every element of the overview but it never clicks WarpTo… And I am lost as to why it will right click on every element in the overview but not click Warp to. I am guessing this is to do with memory updating but am unsure why it does it.


Because the code you show changes the Roids pointer before the bot gets to click Warp to. Because of the changed pointer, it has to click on the overview entry next.

Note to self: This issue illustrates where we could improve the framework to help people understand what their code does.


My friend, could you help me set up to put the name of the anomalies to give automatic warp?


Hello folks,

Is there an executable for this? I followed the link but it just takes me to github but I can’t see an application to download?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Link followed, as posted by Viir 5 days ago: https://github.com/botengine-de/A-Bot/commit/d2cd8caf70bc117a2ee0f2f0726c6a076d22c226

Edit: What I mean is, how do I update the bot with the additional files and changes that have been made? I think I have the exe now :slight_smile:




Following your link, I made a video to show you how to find exe file :slight_smile:

Fly safe !


Thank you, very helpful.

Does bot have travel function to move system after clearing sites? Would be good to add this function!

I left my laptop with the bot running and was still in same system after ~2hours shopping.


The name of the anomaly should appear in the open probe scanner window, so that it is possible to click on it using the mouse.


I’m looking at a way to prioritize targets based on size (smaller first to make my drones live faster), and the only way I can think to do it is based on the sprite.

Is there a list of which sprite id relates to which class of ship already compiled somewhere ?
Or is there a better way of doing it ?
I am thinking of just increasing the AttackPriorityIndex based on ship size, with the smaller sizes getting the largest boost.


I do not know of such a list. Also, I do not remember finding a sprite ID with a larger scope than the current windows process.

Here is an approach how it can be done:
When I developed the mission running bot, I correlated the overview entries with targets. This way I was able to select targets by the properties shown in the overview entry for the same object-in-space.
I do not see anything preventing using the same approach here. And since you are interested in size, it might be sufficient to just use the ships name/type for the correlation.

Another approach which seems even simpler is compiling a mapping from the text found in target to size.


Is it easy enough to implement a sucurity selection?

IE. I’d like to take this to null :slight_smile:


Yes, looks simple enough.


Screw it, I guess I’ll have to download VS and get playing with this thing like a big boy!

Time to take the nappies off!


Thank’s Viir, that’s actually a really good idea that I had ignored. If I use the npc names, I can also add priority based on EWAR effects without having to get affected by them.


You need to have full anomaly in probe scanner view :slight_smile: