Farm Manager - Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot



Mine says this application was unable to start correctly when I actually press start bot operation


What do you see on the screen? Can you make a screenshot of the BotEngine app window?


не получается найти код помогите с ув


When you reach the 50 limit units movement you get this error on the bottom right of the screen (sorry for the lang :stuck_out_tongue: )




I do not understand this.
At the moment, I support only english, spanish and german.


In your post, I see a picture of a scaled down screenshot. It is to small for me to see what is happening. It looks promising, when we have the original screenshot, that might help me to find the cause of the problem. In case you are not sure how to upload images, you could use for example.


the bot is working fine with me.
One of the problems in using these bots, after the early game, is that after a player has conquered a barbarian village the bot continues to send attacks to that village, this is a problem because we have to find the report in the middle of so many others . Is there any possibility of having the bot make sure the village is still barbaric and does not attack otherwise?

Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot - Playing Nice With Others

Thank you, dude! I have one question - why this bot doesn’t send attack from two villages? Works in my main village.


Bekomme seit heute mittag diese Fehler Meldung bei jedem Bericht.
Habe den bot neu installiert, alle daten gelöscht und alles geupdatet^^.
bis dahin hat mehrere Tage alles auch einwandfrei funktioniert und auf einmal kommt bei jedem Bericht der Fehler.


can you help me with this error


I had a look at the report display and found this:

I made this part of the report visible by expanding the battle report details.
Can you see this on your setup? How about only attacking when the right icon with the player symbol is grey? Would this solve the issue you are seeing?

Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot - Playing Nice With Others

Because it attacks from the same villages as you do. When you only attack the farms from your main village, the bot does it the same way.


Dem Screenshot nach sah der entsprechende Bericht anders aus als erwartet, daher ging das lesen desselben schief. Sende mir mal das Bot Log zu, dann kann ich mir das anschauen.
Falls dieses Problem bei Berichten auftritt welche vorher erfolgreich gelesen wurden deutet das darauf hin das diese nun anders angezeigt werden als vorher. Vieleicht kann man die Anzeige der Berichte in der Konfiguration beinflussen, habe mir das noch nicht genau angeschaut.

Weiß nicht ob die Konfiguration der Anzeigeeinstellungen im Spiel dadurch zurückgesetzt werden. Vieleicht sind diese per Account gespeichert und überdauern solche Maßnahmen daher.


Yes, I made a new version of the bot to fix this crash. You can load it from


I made a new version of the bot to recover from the report display bug when the buttons to navigate between reports stop working:

As always, you can load this version by entering the bot address above in the 📂🌐 Load Bot From Web function of the BotEngine app.

The older versions of the bot would get stuck when the buttons in the Tribal Wars 2 UI stop working. This new version recovers from this state by reloading the report list and opening the last seen report. More details about the bug and the process to adapt the bot are found in the thread at Bug In Tribal Wars 2 Web App - Broken Report Display

Bot 73571212 - /* Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot v2018-08-31

Hey Viir, looks like you have discovered a new bot! Thank you for sharing this with us!
I added a link to this bot to the bot catalog:


yes, that would be a good solution.

Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot - Playing Nice With Others

hi there i had used the bot for a day , and when i tried to used it again , i did not want to start again it said something about credits , can some1 help me?


The bot is not free… you need to buy credits to run it again! you can buy them here

I told Viir if it possible to make it free like the old bot but…