Fuzzy building A-Bot


Just to confirm, at the end of combat.cs OwnAnomaly is supposed to be null or false ? I changed it from null to false.

But it still doesn’t recognize blues in the belt (changed overview setting as you described too)



at the end of combat, when the bot set “completed=true” the ownanomaly have to be setted = “false”;

and change the “OwnAnomaly” declaration in:

public bool OwnAnomaly { private set; get; }

However I have to fix the bug I wrote before,


Ok I will wait until you fix it then, I can’t seem to get it to work :frowning:
I didnt understand what do I do with the declaration?
public bool OwnAnomaly { private set; get; }


Any further help with this?



Yes dude I fixed it, I will send here the function fixed tonight or tomorrow, Im little busy atm sorry :slight_smile:


Thanks @Master! looking forward to it mate :slight_smile:



Done! (remember to add the reference missed)

Combat.cs (6.3 KB)
Module.cs (3.1 KB)
Bot.cs (6.2 KB)


Thanks @Master!
Could you elaborate, what reference I didn’t understand that part?


I not remember all reference needed from this part of code, how I told I work in a totally A-Bot version re-writed, I wrote just the functions, the references can be added from visual studio in automatic, just go on the part underlined and you will see visual studio will give advice like “using …”


Thanks @Master
I’m getting allot of errors when building but I am not sure how to resolve them :slight_smile:
Basically the same problem as before, it doesn’t detect other players



Make a git repository, so I can download your version and work directly on it with visual studio


Sent you a link @master :slight_smile:


Hi fuzzy I’m trying to make the same than you can you share your bot with the orbit mode ?


Hi master when you say “Done! (remember to add the reference missed)”
What reference it is ?
I’ve try to rebuild the A.bot with your 3 update combat.cs Module.cs and Bot.cs
But I’ve some error message from MS visual studio.

Can you help me ?


Here is the link:

Just be aware that you need to edit the part in combat.cs that defines what collidable object you want to orbit. I have “Broken” now.

Eve Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release

Thanks Fuzzy I found the release and now trying edit the bot


Hum I can’t edit the .exe of your bot =/
some errors in visual studio


Look in this thread on how I did and see if that helps.
The .exe file should be made anyway, search for it.



Sorry dude I was busy on a big refactory of sanderling and a-bot with another dev, our repository is now totally different from the original posted in this forum, now I download your repository and I will apply what you asked.

But however will be different from what I have, we changed all the tasks management and other big stuff for what we needed.

So I will make what you asked working on your repository but in future I not promise the continue following of this version because how I said we are working in a totally different way and logic :slight_smile:



Done! I commented your initial commet into the lines where you have add/replace various stuff, if you what I wrote your solution will build without error and will detect players into the anomaly.

To detect them you will have to set in eve the background colors and you have to add in overview your alliance mates, atm this code detect only alliance mates not excellent standing/good standing, if you are in a corp without ally the bot not will detect your corp mates too.