Fuzzy building A-Bot


Thank you @master appreciate the work you put into this, but uhm how do I download the files/changes you have made?


You can’t download, you have to do what I wrote :slight_smile: it’s easy


Well this is what I don’t understand, when I start to inspect the files you commented…all 74 of them, from what I could tell they are identical to the ones already there already?

@Master maybe it is easier if you make a fork of these changes`?



I have to much projects on my hands, I can’t do it only for a couple of lines really, they are not identical for example the module.cs

I wrote " using BotEngine.Common;" this mean you have add this, into the others comments I told you what change… it’s easy realy!


Sorry I’m blind, I scrolled through too fast to actually notice these comments you where talking about. I thought all the green stuff where the changes you made.

Working on it now, thanks!!



You are welcome, let me know the work :slight_smile:


I uploaded the files you commented on @Master
Sadly I don’t get it to work, what happens now is that it does the detect the player (Dark blue) on overview but A-Bot just starts right clicking randomly on the anomaly page on the first site on the list.



This is strange pull on git, tomorrow I will compile it and then I will try to find the time to debug lol


Thank you, as said I uploaded the files you commented on so it should be there already :slight_smile:



remote: Permission to Fuzzied/A-Bot—ORBIT-Player-Detection.git denied

give me the permission so I can push the changes lol


Uhg im a bit new to this, where do I do that? :slight_smile:





Cheers, think I got it. Did you get an invite?
Going to bed now, I’ll catch you tomorrow mate!



No I not received lol sorry I have too many accounts xD so you have to add: MasterDev91

It’s my username on github to work on this stuff



Have tried it? Work?


Heya @Master, yes that is the username I added, I did so yesterday did you not get access?


Is this not you? :slight_smile:



Tonight I will commit the changes


Any progress @Master ? :slight_smile:


I commited already from 2 days lol