Fuzzy building A-Bot


Thanks a lot for that great Job master/Fuzzy/VIr/Terpla


Ok, I don’t get it to work though @Master
It’s the same problem as before.


What happens now is that he arrives at an anomaly with another player in it and just stands there, not doing anything -_- :slight_smile:



Uhm? Nice to know lol

However I did a refactory of this function on my A-Bot tested and work, I will remake it for your repository because is different from mine.


Hello, i’m new to botting, is this good for beginners?


Hi @R33m,

You will have to do some reading on these forum and on the Git page to get up to speed on what this is.
It’s not a complete botting solution but a framework that you can develop on.


Thanks for the reply, i did and most of it didnt make sense, i make noobs look good, i’ll skip anyway, cheers


Do you have it as .exe so I can give it a try ?


Another question…
Is it possible to let bot warp to next system If there is no combat and I have bookmark already made ?


And third…
Can we let him loot ?


You can add any functionality, but the basic framework provides only development possibilities. All in your hands!

PS: I do not think that someone will develop a version specifically for you …


Thank you, was wondering if anyone might had already made a code that could help : )


I have been trieing to make the bot work by myself, reading C# books but its not going anywhere.
So i decided to ask for help.
Fuzzy i copied your modified bot from https://github.com/Fuzzied/A-Bot-ORBIT-Player-Detection
There is a duplicate line at Module.cs - System.Linq is named twice.
I had fix my resolution, it doesnt like 4k.
If an enemy is beyond target range bot gets stuck tryeing to target.
Obs: Orbiting 30km, target and fight work perfect.

I added this to make my repairers perma active. Also i m orbiting ´wasp´ like a pro (can use bot in all sites).

//Looking for repair module
var repairer = memoryMeasurementAccu?.ShipUiModule?.Where(module => module?.TooltipLast?.Value?.LabelText?.Any(
_ label => label?.Text?.RegexMatchSuccess(“Repairer”, System.Text.RegularExpressions.RegexOptions.IgnoreCase) ?? false)?? false);_
//turn it on
if (repairer != null)
_ yield return bot.EnsureIsActive(repairer);_

Bot click on mods and warp to anomaly . If there is any friendly at anomaly it states:
It ´pause´ its state and stay there. I need some help with this.
I suspect the issue is here:

if (listOverviewEntryFriends.Length > 0)
yield return bot.SkipAnomaly(memoryMeasurement);
yield return new AnomalyEnter { bot = bot };

It doesnt state to ignore current anomaly then move on to a new one. The function SkipAnomaly only appears at Fuzzy Github, not at original A-bot.

Editing as i fix my noobish mistakes.


Adding comment - thanks for doing this folks. Am an avid supporter. As I test it via Github, recommendations for fit/ship that work best/well. Best of luck.


I did not quite understand what you meant. Did you find the SkipAnomalyF class?

Did this solve your problem?

PS: to Fuzzy: I think any new task is better to create in a separate file. SkipAnomalyTask for example.


Terpla, ty for helping out.

The SkipAnomalyF funcion is not working, it pauses the bot when sees a deepblue background player on grid.

Just so u know my programming skills are 30 years old when i did dbase at school. Not be too mad if i say nonsenses.

72 `km´ should be changed to ´m´ the distance to the combat site is stated as meters

scanResult?.CellValueFromColumnHeader(“Distance”)?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase(“km”) ?? false;

After this, at module.cs, bot

  • identify the current combat site (by distance and km)
  • pulls menu
  • and do ´Alt´+ ´P´ twice. Not sure why it is doing this, i tried but it didnt do anyhing.
  • then do a series of memory pulls, clicks etc - at this point my current skills cant understand it all.
    But this should be the part where bot ignore current anomaly and go back to find a new one. And probably where the issue is.

I think that this bot is best to be used with droneboats : Ishtar, gila, Vni even the Myrmidon.
They must be cap stable with AB and repairer on. Can be shield or armor tanked.

Some people use passive fits, or extented shields no rep fits, its up to u. It work with everything.



Thanks you for response. Having multiple accounts docked at similar station, am curious to know if after undocked, scan up, turn in bot… Will they go to same anomaly together?


Heya everyone,

@Terpla You are correct, I’l be honest and say any modification from the original framework I just added from nice people like you and @Master that pitched in with code snippet. I understand the code but am in no way able to produce this stuff myself.
I’m happy if someone else can finish the missing part and or optimize stuff to have a working bot concept for most ship types, that was my initial thought and goal.

So the status of this version right now is that @Master tried to add in a simple way the detection of other players in a site and then break and go to the next one. But since his rework of his own framework and the original here had so many differences that I think someone else needs to pick it up and finish it.
The alternative is that I upload a version with just the orbit code from you @Terpla as it doesn’t break at least, but it will kill steal other peoples sites.

As for a ship to use I would strongly suggest not doing a shield fit VNI, the reason for this is that it doesn’t survive the highest site and you lose out on some raw DPS + drone travel time = less DPS (not shown).
The link you showed is almost the same fit as I use.
An active armor fit VNi is much more sustainable, you get more mids for 100m afterburner so you really need it permanently on if you aren’t cap stable
This fit is stable with afterburner conserve rank 4 and the zor’s implant:

You can make modifications to the low slots if you want a better tank even though it tanks most sites with a going rate of 20-24 mil a tick, swap out T2’s with T1’s if you have less skill or want a cheaper fit. The only thing that hits this thing are the Cruiser rats and the mega rare occasion you get web’ed. You fly faster than the frigate rats tho so you might end up with them yellowboxing you at the end of a wave with drones sitting idle.

Edt: Typos.


Fuzzy u have some big brass balls, i use double medium reps and my defenses over 72% for specific rat. Will try your fit tho, a-bot working well and orbiting as soon as lands it wont be an issue.

@Terpla, @Master, @Viir
If any of u be kind to fix the
public class SkipAnomalyF : IBotTask
, bot wont freeze when encountering a blue player at combat site.



@SuicidalPilot @Fuzzy

To fix this I have to remake very many changes into official repository from mine.

I promise saturday or sunday I will fix this “skipanomaly” for you into fuzzy repository, I will fix the skipanomaly if it’s already taken from someone.

My version have a “saveShip” system different from the original repository, because I do more check, and all logic isn’t more inside the combatTask, everything have a separate service and all are recalled from the combatTask, so this change on the officially repository isn’t simple, so I can’t do it during the week :frowning: sorry