Fuzzy building A-Bot


No worries @Master :slight_smile:
Thank you for the help so far!

Eve Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release

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The best solution would be to have the what to orbit entry configurable in the bot.config file, along with the orbit distance and warp to distance.
Of course, someone would have to implement and share this :slight_smile:


Commit done.


Combat Execution Improved
EnterAnomaly at 30km
NPC Dread reconize and retreat if he show up
Armor Mange / PermaTank Added
LockTarghet and OrbitTarghet by shourtcat (Orbit Shourt = SHIFT)

@ivar85 please not spam my box with your ask, Im not a private dev. Im a software dev. in real I have too much customers in real, I don’t want have others for a game :stuck_out_tongue: I do some change sometimes when I can and I want do it, this because I work in a different repository with too many change from the original A-Bot, work in differents repository from mine kill my brain.

@Fuzzy I test it very fast and look work, if it not work IDK whene I will can fix it, let me know however.


Awesome @Master!
I’m checking it out now!

Sent this as a PM if you want to discuss it there, currently upon entering a site with another player it right click on the same site and clicks on “Save location” then repeats this process over and over.



to clarify

You have to set those shortcut:

Lock Targhet -> Ctrl
Orbit -> Shift
Probe Scanner Window -> Menu

else the bot will not work



I did some test on the fuzzy’s repository and this class:

private IEnumerable SkipAnomalyFunc(IEVEBot bot)
var probeScannerWindow = _memoryMeasurement?.WindowProbeScanner?.FirstOrDefault();
var scanActuallyAnomaly =

  	if (null != scanActuallyAnomaly)
  		yield return scanActuallyAnomaly.ClickMenuEntryByRegexPattern(bot, "Ignore Result");
  		yield break;

Go to click always on the “save location” instead “ignore result” I tried to force the click on the “ignore result” but nothing… he go alwasys to click on “save location” lol


Thank you, this bot is really good.
But same thing as @Fuzzy said.
Also if I am in a site, and neutral comes in local, bot warps to safe and goes back to anomalie when he leaves.
When bot gets back to site there are 5 drones in local (would be nice if bot could call them back before going to safe. Just with a button that lets them return to drone bay, wait for 5 sec and then keep doing what he normal would)
and starts right clicking on the combat site, right clicks and repeat clicks on “Save location”


Loosing my mind here…
There is a bug if there are only 1 or two enemies.
Bot targets them both, starts to orbit but never engages.

leaves 0 s ago at 20:34:15
---- Exception ----
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Sanderling.ABot.Bot.Task.CombatTask.<get_Component>d__7.MoveNext() in C:\Users\Ivar\Desktop\A-Bot-ORBIT-Player-Detection-master\src\Sanderling.ABot\Bot\Task\Combat.cs:line 215
at Bib3.Extension.d__351.MoveNext() at Bib3.Extension.<EnumeratePathToNodeFromTreeDFirst>d__351.MoveNext()
at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereEnumerableIterator1.MoveNext() at Sanderling.ABot.EnumerableExtension.<EnumerateSubsequencesStartingWithFirstElement>d__01.MoveNext() in C:\Users\Ivar\Desktop\A-Bot-ORBIT-Player-Detection-master\src\Sanderling.ABot\EnumerableExtension.cs:line 12
at System.Linq.Buffer1..ctor(IEnumerable1 source)
at System.Linq.OrderedEnumerable1.<GetEnumerator>d__1.MoveNext() at System.Linq.Enumerable.LastOrDefault[TSource](IEnumerable1 source)
at Sanderling.ABot.Bot.BotExtension.TakeSubsequenceWhileUnwantedInferenceRuledOut(IEnumerable`1 listTaskPath) in C:\Users\Ivar\Desktop\A-Bot-ORBIT-Player-Detection-master\src\Sanderling.ABot\Bot\BotExtension.cs:line 48
at Sanderling.ABot.Bot.Bot.StepOutputListTaskPath() in C:\Users\Ivar\Desktop\A-Bot-ORBIT-Player-Detection-master\src\Sanderling.ABot\Bot\Bot.cs:line 65
at Sanderling.ABot.Bot.Bot.Step(BotStepInput input) in C:\Users\Ivar\Desktop\A-Bot-ORBIT-Player-Detection-master\src\Sanderling.ABot\Bot\Bot.cs:line 110


I poked @Viir, hope he responds now :slight_smile:
Yes I am inpatient, sorry -_-


Hello Fuzzy, I scanned for question marks in the post you linked, but the only ones I saw were in some C# code.
So I am not sure what the question is.

The guess is you want to click a menu entry containing the label “ignore result” in a context menu from list view entry from IWindowProbeScanner?.ScanResultView?.Entry

Based on the A-Bot source code from

The menu entry is located at the root level, not in a submenu.

First thing I would try this to replace the definition of the method Sanderling.ABot.Bot.Bot.RootTaskListComponentDefault (found at https://github.com/botengine-de/A-Bot/blob/06002c548f15d8006337dc221521a5b695eacc4a/src/Sanderling.ABot/Bot/Bot.cs#L140-L170) with following code:

IEnumerable<IBotTask> RootTaskListComponentDefault()
	var memoryMeasurement = MemoryMeasurementAtTime?.Value;

	var probeScannerWindow = memoryMeasurement?.WindowProbeScanner?.FirstOrDefault();

	var scanResult =

	yield return scanResult.ClickMenuEntryByRegexPattern(this, "ignore result");

This should already be sufficient to achieve the click.


Is there any possibility that you can help me also ?
I need the bot to call back drones if he goes to safe bookmark ?
It only takes 3 enemies to come to system and bot is out of all drones.


@Viir @Master @Fuzzy
Ty all for your help and patience!
After Master changes to the bot i noticed the following:

  • It doesn’t prioritize targets, size, web or point rats anymore, drones in aggressive or not. This was working well before the last changes.
  • It has an exception error as stated by Ivar, i suspect its target selection related to previous point.
  • There is an issue with 1 target left, leaving the drones in aggressive solves 99% of the times.
  • If an hostile event occurs the bot recognize it but attempts nothing, some seconds later it continue fight normally. (will do further testing).
  • On Friendly event, bot tries to ignore the anomaly but instead clicks on save bookmark. and tries to warp. Since it couldn’t ignore currently site it stays there on loop.

Good stuff:

  • Warp at 30km works without issues
  • Orbit target as well
  • Selecting, target attack is a lot faster than other solution i use.
  • Move on to another anomaly without issues.

I performed the change u suggested. at Sanderling.ABot.Bot.Bot.RootTaskListComponentDefault
Sadly bot is now ignoring all sites from the list, up to the last one and stays idle.


What about using the context menu on a group in the drones window? Does this not have an entry to recall drones?


Thank you for testing this. This reads like the change was successful. Since you write “Sadly”, I think there might have been a misunderstanding. The goal of that change was to verify a method to click on the “ignore result”.


Yes, but I dont know how to implement it in the other class ;/



My last commit is done to keep the drones in aggressive and focus fire, IF they are not shooting then the bot will give all commands.

About the skipanomaly, the code is right, but the version of “rootasklist” of the A-Bot public version is different then mine, so I have to change this function, and the skipanomaly will work for you too.

About the primary I will look in future, actually the primary system is done per class/distance.

But actually Im involved in too much projects at work and Im not finding the time to coding on A-Bot


Indeed i thought it would be the fix, my mistake. :slight_smile:
Any other change i should be testing?

We are just glad u guys are helping out!
Since i cant code yet I am trying to help by testing the solution.
I understand that it is complicated to work with 2 side projects very similar to each other while having a real job.
So keep up the good work and look at this whenever u can, I will do my best to test all functions and give a feedback in what changed/working or not.


There is a problem when it´s only one or two enemies.
Bot stops shooting (or when entering anomaly he will not start shooting)


I don’t see another change to test at the moment, but I also do not look at all posts in this thread. I proposed this implementation only because Fuzzy asked me to help out.