Gift Anomaly Ratting salvAGE Bot with Sanderling - GARBAGE-2 and measuring his efficiency



sorry still waiting delivery with your fit for tests =) coz with mine it’s loops on
R2D2 : recording your modules
Armor Repair count = 0; Afterburners count = 1 ; Hardeners count = 0 ;
>> Omni count = 0 ; Shield Booster Count = 0 ; SensorBoost Count = 0 ; Tractor Beam = 0

ill provide report ASAP.
p.s. what about bans with this soft ?


p.s. maybe there is option to set that: example after 22:00 EVE time script will farm Havens until example 10:00 Eve time, all other time - Hubs


of course you can, in take anomaly, since there is already an secondary anomaly. you add before just hour condition. in Marvel script you can see how I used time for stop bot ( maxtime allowed)
but you’ll have to cut other features from script


what i should change to use SHield booster not armor repair
coz right now

19-20-18.832: Toggle module ‘Medium Shield Booster II’ using Alt-F1

also - what about bans for using this ?:slight_smile:


i doesnt work shield booster how it have to work ?

is possible that shield booster doesnt work properly, since until i developped marvel script i didnt use a shield ship.
but you can try marvel script

what do you mean? there is no bot 100% safe


ty :slight_smile: will use armor rep. I found all my probs and solved it :slight_smile: now it’s work. netx step is to build up virtual machien with eve and rat for 24\7 :smiley:


take a look on marvel - to many “not needed things” for me =
i think this one is perfect for just:

“Warp, orbit, drones, rep + ab , if commander -> loot” - repeat infinity times, if neutral or red in system - drones to dronebay - warpout


maybe they are “not needed for you” . if you don’t like them, you can delete them for yourself man.this ones are coming from almost a year of boting, i’m not arguing with you if something is useful or not.

you can develop your own script from scratch, you know?


man, thanks for your help and work :slight_smile: im not saying anything bad or so :slight_smile:


btw - when ure alone in local, script cant get how many ppl in local and gives a lot of error


in garbage script :slight_smile:

int? EntrylocalCount => chatLocal?.ParticipantView?.Entry?.Count();
var MaxInLocal = EntrylocalCount + 10; //change at you needs (+100 if you want)
Host.Log( "Peoples in Local :  " +EntrylocalCount+ " We setting MaxInLocal at :  " +MaxInLocal+"" );

in marvel:

 int? MaxInLocal => (int)(chatLocal?.ParticipantView?.Region.Height() / 18.7);
int? localCount => chatLocal?.ParticipantView?.Entry?.Count();

if your bot doesn’t read -> chatLocal?.ParticipantView

then you played too much with the framework and his readings are with errors, i suggest you to restart the game/sanderling or even the computer


error came just after i started pc after night :slight_smile: i was alone in system and on string
Peoples in Local : 3 We setting MaxInLocal at : 13 it was like
Peoples in Local : We setting MaxInLocal at :
and after came long long error code


this could happens even with 3 peoples, the readins are not good; because you are in system and you are visible, so it should ( and it does because I tested him) count 1


there is nothing bad man. myself I wasn’t happy with the existent scripts at the time and I started to develop my own scripts. I made them public only because I wanted others could use them and develop their own scripts at their need. And here are many who write their script, shorter, more accurate, including myself


do u thing is it possible to make script for ratting on carrier ?:slight_smile: