Having issues with the anom bot



all I can see from your deleted post is at line 118 from Garbage (extended one not commander+loot ) and it is:

string runFromRats = "♦|Titan|Dreadnought|Autothysian";// you run from him
//celestial to orbit

from the undeleted post I can see there is a problem with an dictionary, more precise some value could not be null.

A better idea I can have if you post some lines from the log before the error, to have an ideea where it is the bot at the moment. And the circumstances ingame.
Ignore anomaly name doesn’t create any error , there is same code from 8-9 months and never failed at ignoring anomalies, if you dont touch the code.
if you changed the

string IgnoreAnomalyName = "large|Belt|asteroid|drone|forlorn|rally|sanctum|blood hub|serpentis hub|hidden|port|den";// what anomaly to ignore : haven|Belt|asteroid|drone|forlorn|rally|sanctum|blood hub|serpentis hub|hidden|port|den

please pay attention at | and at the end ";.
If you let
"|large “; you will have a error
likewise for || or end with |”; ( If I remember correctly)