How To Configure A Bot



This is a guide on how to configure a bot in the Sanderling App.

In the current version of the App, configuring requires to enter the ‘Development Environment’ to change the bot code:

  • In the Bot Preview, click the button Enter Development Environment To Adapt This Bot.
  • In the Development Environment, you see a text editor containing the bot code. In this editor, scroll down until you see the configuration section.
  • Depending on the bot, there can be different configuration options. You can change these by replacing these values in the text editor. The demo video below shows how to change the configuration value TargetCountMax in an EVE Online anomaly ratting bot.
  • When you change the bot code, the app will automatically check if it is in the correct format at you type. This can take a few seconds to finish. The icon at static diagnostic shows the result of this check. It should be a green checkmark again. If it shows the error icon, this means that the entered code is not yet in the expected format.
  • To start this changed bot, use the button continue / start. The bot then starts working as usual, but the log will be displayed within in the development environment.

This video shows all the steps listed above.

When you have a working configuration, you can also save this bot code to a file using the save as button above the code editor. The next time you open the app you can then load your configured bot from this file with the Load Bot From Local File function.

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