Is credit time being used when paused?


I know when sandering is stoppped it does not use play time but what about when sanderling is paused does it still use up credits?


Usage time ends when the bot is stopped or the program is shut down, so when is paused yes, it use credits


It would be good to add a feature to automatically stop the session if the bot is paused for more than one hour. Could be disabled via configuration for those who need the ability to pause longer.


Ok, So Ctrl + alt pauses sanderling. Is there a command to stop sanderling?

Func<object> BotStopActivity = () => null;

usage like here, in functions, not void


In the GUI, this can be done with the Back button in the upper left corner:

It would be good to have another option with which the log remains visible after stopping. I add this to the backlog.


This is perfect thank you. Going to start going though all this code :slight_smile:


Is good to have a command like Sanderling.Stop();
Sanderling . ReadInterfaceAndCharacter()
Start process eve
In this case we can kill eve for lost connection, restart him and reread interface/char .

Planned Bot App Overview

I added this to the app plan overview, so it does not get lost: Planned Bot App Overview