Kaboonus scripts guide ( wiki page so do not respond in this one)



if a value is mentionned in thousands, keep the proportion ( the value is in meters)
if a value is of order of unites , tens, or hundreds, then somewhere the script transform that in metters

var shipRangerMax = 63; // in km, you orbit arround them
var maxDistanceToRats = 120;// in km, you forget about them
var MaxDronesRange = 60000; // <-- meters
int? DistanceCelestial = 30000;

for station name:

if your station name it is NEw Amsterdam snakes eyes

string StationHomeName = "Amsterdam"; 

but if you have in:
system 1: NEw Amsterdam snakes eyes
system 2: tokyo marauders
system 3: skyscrapers from honolulu

string StationHomeName = "Amsterdam|tokyo|skyscrapers";

if you bot in other region than my mentioned in script, then change:

region.Add("Delve", "blood");


region.Add("antarctica", "dinosaurs");

BE CAREFULL: same region cannot have 2 npc faction; so if you have in delve … lets say mordus, then you change blood with mordus. The same is for drones.

faction.Add("blood", "Praetor");

for overview tab:

string salvagingTab = "colly|fighters"; //<-- is for collidables and salvage

string rattingTab = "combat|hostiles";// <-- is for rats, but the collidables have to be there ( look on photos)

is the same principle like for stations, you have more overviews on different chars then you change.
overview photo for players

overview photo for wrecks in combat tab overview

Your home station must be visible on overview, likewise the celestial objects ( to orbit arround them and set default orbit at 30km for default scripts):
over%20order over%2033
in salvage tab you have to see all wrecks ( even empty ones)

be smart, and arrange the modules like here:
be smart and put the repairshop over the inventory window, to be sure it is closed ( even if is not closed there is no problem)
and a photo with entire screen

**** posting your troubles ( always into a new topic):
if you have to send to Viir ( in private) your session log, then this could help you:
session .
for the rest of the world, you can take some snapshots like here
if is bigger (or the photo is big), then you can copy paste into your account on pastebin, delete infos like name, system, station, etc and post a link into you new topic.
remember to mention in detail:
I have warped, saved the bookmark, my armor is at 50%, without any reds in system a and then pouf: look at my log how my npc killed me
he go on site and the he keeps saving plenty of bookmarks. look the log

he start orbit around celestials and then he align without any reason : look at my log

I know is difficult, you have to tae photos, caopy-paste, explain etc. A script have more than 2000 lines, without any infos, your question have a high risk to not find an answer

do not forget to put your inventory in LIST mode:

Bot DFADE32F - /*V 1.1.2 This bot ratting anomaly and/or asteroids;It use tethering zone, warp distance configurable from
MARVEL script, ratting at a new level
Gift Anomaly Ratting salvAGE Bot with Sanderling - GARBAGE-2 and measuring his efficiency
Gift Anomaly Ratting salvAGE Bot with Sanderling - GARBAGE-2 and measuring his efficiency