List Of EVE Online Bots For Beginners



This is a list of bots and guides organized by in-game activity to help beginners set up their first EVE online bot.


For mining asteroids, see the guide at How To Automate Mining Asteroids In EVE Online

Traveling - Warp To 0 Autopilot

For using a warp to 0 autopilot in EVE Online, see the guide at How To Automate Traveling In EVE Online - Using A Warp To 0 Autopilot

Anomaly Ratting

For anomaly ratting, you can use the bot from

Mission Running

In case you were wondering about Optimat: At the moment, the Optimat mission running bot is not working and needs an update.

Other Bots

The bots listed above are only a small fraction of what you can find publicly available.
Some places you can look for eve online bots are:

Market/Trade Bots
How To Automate Anything In EVE Online
Terpla adventures or blog-style guide for begginers
Stuck at Acceleration Gate?