Market data problem




Probably my problem is verry silly and stupid. How I can convert information from: WindowRegionalMarket?[0]?.MyOrders?.SellOrderView?.Entry?[0]?.ListColumnCellLabel?[2]?.value to Decimal value and do some math, or compare? This entire path provide information about price in ISK .


viir have a script for marketing… look on his git.
Duuno if your value is an int or strint. If is a string your have to transforme him in int ( look on my garbage script fir an exemple)
If not, you hve to use « double » for transforling and the script of viir serve you right…
go to sandeeling git, clik on viir nle and find thé script with marketing. Also dunno if is working or not, or if it lust be upated.
Sorry, i tape from my phone and cannot peivide you the links( and also correct the errors)


To parse numbers, you can use a Double.TryParse function.
Microsoft offers examples at


Problem solved, but in the other way. Information from WindowRegionalMarket?.[0]?.MyOrders?.SellOrderView?.Entry?.[0]LabelText?.FirstOrDefault().Text.ToString() parsed by regex and converted to decimal