Modifying A-Bot


Been playing around with A-Bot for the past few days. I’ve already made some modifications like getting it to orbit, and recognizing blues in a site. Does anyone know how I can go about implementing a GTFO if a carrier/dread spawns function? Thanks!


read the forums … it has been discussed previously


I have read, and I know that you need a way to classify each rat. What im not sure of is where within the code that goes. I have little programming background, so I’m not sure where to put the code that others have made into my bot.


take a look into my posts, I’ve given this info before.

I have it in retreat.cs but it’s called from combat.cs for obvious reasons.


@DrWillbe, how did you solve recognizing blues in a site? I didn’t get it clean until now.


How did you get it to orbit blues and clear the anom, everything else is working fine for me :slight_smile: