Multi instances Support


RDP does not simulate an other machine with an other ip adress, it just allows you to have an other session on the same. Hence regarding CCP you have the same ip adress for each desktop, then for each Eve process. => issue with alpha accounts.


I also tried with multiple IP addresses through a vpn and I could not get an alpha and omega account to reliably connect. I believe I did have both on at same time once but can’t remember what I did to make that happen.
I think it might have been a Virtual machine and your regular windows account.

But Bitenbois is correct RDP doesn’t work with alpha and omega accounts.




All this does is allow you to run several separate EVE instances that each has their own mouse/keyboard input for automation.
This does indeed not hide or mask your IP, if you are worried about your accounts don’t bot :slight_smile:


pointed to this topic by one of members here… :slight_smile:
reading thru this is semi interesting… some of you guys are trying to wave red flad in front of ccp and wondering why u’ve been caught

freaking never combine alphas and omegas! ccp does have checks for alpha accounts being connected at same time from same computer since very very begining. why someone even trying this?

use omegas only and there is literally NOTHING against having multiple omega clients on same ip/mac address!
sanderling is NOT broadcasting same commands to all clients at same time and even if you are stupid enough to have botted accouns botting in same system eventho there is almost non probability it will give same command at very same millisecond in case of neuts jump in.

and indeed if you are “playing” 5accounts 20hours a day everyday… just dont

rdpwrapper + registry hack works flawlessly even on creators update btw.


I dont manage to run Remote. RDP is installed and Config running fine.

But with Remote he dont let me connect


if I’m not mistake, you have to enter in the second account ( normal bot) and " let others to connect" -or something similar( add first account to list )
and there it was somthing with the password also


I do not have experience with this issue.
Just as a reminder, for anybody who runs into issues I recommend to check out the RDP Wrapper issues list at
There are many people over there sharing what they did to make RDP Wrapper work in their case, for example this explanation just two days ago:

But of course the starting point should be the project readme at

Maybe we will get a more stable option with Windows Sandbox, that does not need to be adapted so often. Not sure though when it is ready for production.


I am no expert but i assume that the user you want to connect with can not “give permission” because so far he is not logged in

try without users permission. if you have security concerns you can try “view only” first.