Need to click market-entry to populate backgroundcolor, bug?


Is it a bug that i need to click a market-entry to be able to read the BackGroundColor property after a new measurement? Is there a better solution? Or just click it always after a measurement… kinda messes up my code.
Edit: now even deselecting and reselecting doesn’t work anymore. Any ideas?


This was some weird combination of problems regarding foreach loops, variables, and needing to reselect to populate the Backgroundcolor property…
In the end it worked best with just a for loop so i had indexnumbers, not using variables, and deselecting + reselecting. The deselecting and reselecting made my scrollwindow reset so i couldn’t iterate through the entries decently.
Giving up on this idea, now i’ll just use the “My orders” window, searching by name.


Well apparently i need to read the beginner guide more carefully…
When using variables you need to refresh their values completely to read changes in the game interface…