Pikacuq is tweaking A-Bot :)



Hey. Looks awesome. Clearly lots of effort has gone in.Sadly the trial code in the latest release seems to have expired before I could try it.

Is it still the correct one? / Is there pricing info for the private keys anywhere?


reach me on discord, i will provide you personal trial, no probs


Hi all, hi pikacuq. I’ve started to read your info just yesterday, looks great. Also i have just reached your discord, and asking for acces. Thanks in advance


yeah, drop me a message there


pikacuq please come alive :slight_smile:


why you think Iam not? :slight_smile:


@pikacuq hey, i’m also interested in this bot)


Yo @pikacuq , Im happy to see you have work on A-Bot the project was born from me and Arcitectus, Im again active, I will be happy to help you, contact me in private.


sup folks,
been bit slow Spring, so there is not much needed updates unless one mandatory :wink:
So here we are with v.2.3.1 which as usual gives you 2days trial code included.
Download link is valid for 7days.

// 12.04.2019

	- minor issue when using drone groups, HIM was leaving slower group behind

	- way how is personal key verified
	- transition period to upgrade is one week from 12.4.2019 during which v2.3 will work as usual

		if you are interested in some questions join my private discord
		if something, let me know