Pikacuq is tweaking A-Bot :)



it’s free but it’s downloadable for limited time otherwise you have to pay.
I’ll be uploading new version in few days anyways


Hello! new version available

// 21.09.2018

- Optional Customshortcuts for some mouse events. True/False to use or not to use them.
- - launch drones
- - exit structure

- Variable upon RetreatBookmark which can define if Bookmark is Dockable or not. Eg. you can now use this bot with POS or warp to 0 on citadels instead of docking.
- - be aware that in case of not dockable safe, there will be some features not working eg. cooldowns/refill drones etc.
- - be aware this feature is considered as ALPHA, and only "proven" configuration is to configure bookmark as dockable TRUE
- - posible outakes will be addressed later if they will be causing some issues.

- Tractor beam usage was tweaked as previous version in some cases caused loop in open/loot wreck

		Always please check new config to be sure you are not missing some variables.

		if you are interested in some questions join my private discord
		if something, let me know

one day trial included


Thanks for the link…
I don’t really understand why you have to continually toot your own horn by posting a one day trial and then not uploading it…

I asked for a trial license couple weeks ago and you haven’t gotten back to me. So I guess I don’t warrant a seat at the big table.



dude, i’ve said like million times you have to private message me, at first
and second, it’s uploaded at very same day as announcement is made.

more reading, less complains? :wink:


the link is not working … ?


No the link is not working That is what I was trying to say last post.
And now that it is almost 24 hours later the license has expired.


hmm lookslike uploadfiles getting worse over time


My friend, would you have a sample of how your EmergencyRetreatTask.cs file is?
So I can make some small adjustments on my.


wow good work think i will try this out soon


Hello fellas,
more like adding stuff, Iam fine tuning HIM for reliability and profitability and for various fits/situations.
And as always, there is one day trial already included.

ENJOY :slight_smile:


- Tractor beam looting tweaked
- closing some annoying windows here and there
- improved recognition when site despawned (will correct self when there is blue pilot on despawned anom)
- faction wrecks now can be bookmarked for later check (config)

		Always please check new config to be sure you are not missing some variables.

		if you are interested in some questions join my private discord
		if something, let me know


Uploadfiles has made it premium could you upload to https://mega.nz instead? Thanks.


download is limited to 7days or so I think
hold on for next release which will contain some neat features :stuck_out_tongue:


Good evening folks,
and here we go with even more tweaked version … of HIM :slight_smile:
There are quite a few changes and some new configuration entries, so make sure you’ll try them out and comprare your old configurations before proceeding.
As well there are few changes for overview (see desc)

Main change is in the way how HE now handles retreat/security protocols. To be as fast as possible we are using mainly keyboard to proceed on various actions. This is most efficient and fastest method to get to safe, so make sure you’ll give it a shot.

Another cool feature is usage of covert op cloak together with autopilot, so in your cloaky hauler you’ll be from now super safe.

Integration of system shortcuts for retreat/continue of the bot can be used for integration with NEAR2 or other tools :wink:

Quite a few tweaks for better performance here and there as always.

Let me know if something is not performing under your environment!

Thanks and Enjoy

// 04.11.2018

	- New option to use Overview Citadels/Complexes as Retreat (toggle via config)
	- - 200% faster aling/warp to/dock by any measure
	- - He will still use your bookmark for drone refills
	- - you have to add citadels/complexes to Rat and Loot overview if you want to use this feature (!)
	- new Windows shortcut to force drone retreat + dock and pause bot operation at any time you want (CTRL + SHIFT + Q)
	- new Windows shortcut to resume operation (CTRL + SHIFT + W)
	- - these shortcut can be pressed from anywhere, no need to have HIM or game window focused.
	- - these shortcuts are not ingame, there is no need to configure anything
	- - energy neutralizing rats are from now part of primary targets (together with scram/distruptors/web/ecm)
	- Assault Damage Control
	- - if present on ship it will be used during Emergency situations (neuts on grid or shield/armor critical)
	- Covert Ops Cloak
	- - AUTOPILOT is from now on using Covert Ops Cloak right after entering Warp, if your ship is equiped with it

	- recognition of the some weapons added (especially lasers)
	- emergency retreat : added Titans and Incursion rats

		Always please check new config to be sure you are not missing some variables.

		if you are interested in some questions join my private discord
		if something, let me know

incl. trial for couple of days


I’ve played with the trial a bit, and am impressed, it seems to work really well. One question is about your license callbacks, can you give any detail about what info is being captured when HIM calls back to your servers?


thanks :wink:

sure, three things

  1. personal key
  2. system datetime when callback initiated
  3. computer ID made by C# Win32_ classes (using CPU, BIOS and GPU for identification)



Thanks for the response, that makes sense and is in line with what I saw in my proxy.


i sent you a PM, my personal key is not working, when i try to run the bot it says it has expired.


ah i see it is a different key to the other ones, please i’d like to get a key asap to begin botting :slight_smile:


pikacuq I’d like to buy a personal Key for your bot but no info how to anywhere to be found.~_~ I’d send you a PM if this forum thing here actually had any send PM thing what soever



As I do not have a key yet, but planning on getting one here next week

First things first, having moved to the drone lands and passive ratting with a VNI there defiantly are at least one type of drone horde sites that the VNI gets crushed in. The ones with the Lookout Tower has nearly popped my VNI a couple times before I started moving on and ignoring those sites.

So going through the config I see the following line and just wanted to confirm that if the anomaly has the following in it. It will lease ASAP.
“Anom_Ignore” : “chemical factory”,

On another note, there is no Dreadnaught spawns here, rather an " Infested Carrier " Which I treat as a Get out of dodge spawn.