Pikacuq is tweaking A-Bot :)



yes anoms with “chemical factory” in your overview will be ignored and he will warp to another one. And yes you can put there whatever you want from sites you dont want to run.

infested carriers are part of dread gtfo as well.

btw you are not forced to use VNI’s you can use basically any ship and any fit now, it’s been quite well tested with various situations/ships/systems already


I like the VNI, as it’s a simple almost passive farm on it’s own. I have a few other fits i plan on working with mostly long range Beams + drones for the killing.


Hey, pikacuq, How can i try out/buy your bot?


PM’ed you in here


i am willing to try/buy the bot pm me


Good evening and let me introduce v.2.2.6 with some tweaks in it :wink:

	- sample/default overview is part of the package
	- - go to your overview setting -> import (if you want to)
	- New configuration to choose when Assauld Damage Control will be activated
	- Slight delay when reffiling drones to avoid "busy items"
	- Ability to clean probescanner when there is plenty unwanted anomalies after undock (no need to maintain anything manually from now).
	- After/before undock/dock He checks Ship health on all levels which are not automatically refreshed while docked (armor, hull) and will make sure to repair before continuing.
	- extended logic of docking/undocking to mittigate some of the false alarms on neuts/anoms
	- recognition of Angel's faction wrecks was updated
	- assembly name/filename
		Always please check new config to be sure you are not missing some variables.

		if you are interested in some questions join my private discord
		if something, let me know

incl trial as always


How and where can I purchase the bot?


Good evening!
quite a lot of tweaks and features had been added in short period of time, so here we go with 2.2.7 version.
In this version I’m introducing new feature which will most probably result in a standalone application which is capable of having an eye on local and give you intel. Which is extremely handy if you are doing null-explo or mining so you don’t have to keep an eye on local all the time :wink:
This feature indeed will and can be extended to automatic intel tool for ally/corp whatever. So let me know if that is something somebody wants.
Together with that feature I’ve added feedback to neutrals in local and emergency situations as well as lost drones. By default it’s turned off by configuration, so you can play with setting as you wish.

// 08.12.2018

	- First long undock has been solved with extended memory reading, Bot should not be stucked or doing stupid stuff because of first undock
	- Wait in Tether instead of docking when there are no suitable anomalies on scanner (to be able to warp on new one asap)
	- Faction loot has got priority before warping off/timer/etc. as faction npc despawn anomaly, it's pretty safe to stay inspace and loot wreck if there is any
	- Bot is now showing how many days of personal key validity left
	- Automatic local Intel logic with sound notifications (by default disabled)
	- - option to choose if you want to be notified by Windows system sounds or Windows Speech about neuts in system/lost drones/emergency warpoff
	- - Speech Intel tool can be used even when bot is PAUSED (eg. you are playing normally with your main exploring/mining and just have HIM paused in the backgroud)
	- solved issues on NON-US keyboards which was causing HIM to pause self, because of AltGr being pressed instead of Alt
	- fixed issue with cooldowns on exact sites number, which caused loop while docked
	- fixed issue with not reseting some Counters properly
	- changed way how keyboard is pressed to avoid "sticky" keys on slower systems
	- fixed some windows are not being closed properly
	- fixed issue when bot wanted to orbit Havens even when Orbit is configured to false

		Always please check new config to be sure you are not missing some variables.

		if you are interested in some questions join my private discord
		if something, let me know

Indeed there is already included key for trying this out! :wink:
Have a good one and thanks for your support!


Discord: Rycerz


Hi, want to buy a personal key, pm me please


Good pre-christmas evening :wink:
based on some feedback and some needs I’ve done some new features to the 2.2.8 release.
There is bunch of new features, which most important is full priority control over shipclasses, which means you can define based on your region which npc should be killed first, second, third etc.

Another new feature is extended intel tool, introduced in 2.2.7 which now can be run standalone (intel only) and which gives you ship types when seen on grid as well. So it’s quite usable for your scouts sitting on the gates and so on :wink:

// 19.12.2018

	- (requested) new approach to memory reading during undock so system map can be opened during all operations which was not possible with 2.2.7.
	- (requested) target paining NPC are now part of EWAR priority list, so they will be shot in order
	- new feature: INTEL
	- option to switch HIM into INTEL Tool only which does not need personal key
	- - if switched to INTEL only, configuration is overriden to Sounds TRUE and Speech TRUE (make sure you have speech installed in Windows)
	- - Intel mode when ongrid with the gate will tell shiptype as well! (limited to 4 ships)
		(and there is now no limit on how many times it will repeat those, so ... take it as known to be added feature :))
	- - feature can be extended to automatic intel gathering from running clients to populate alliance intel webtools and stuff, contact me for details if interested
	- new feature: PRIORITY TARGETS
	- - new entry in configuration which allows you to specify which Ship class will be shot in which order.
	- - you can specify one or more classes and NPC will be eliminated by this order pattern.
	- - no need to specify all Ship classes (but you can), specify only priority ones, eg Frigates -> Cruisers .... or Cruisers -> BattleCruisers -> Frigates etc.
	- - Classes: Frigate , Destroyer , Cruiser , BattleCruiser , Battleship
	- - option to disable this feature as well

	- unlock target is now peformed by keyboard instead of mouse menu
	- notification about Dread spawn added into sounds/speech
	- fixed issue when rats + blues are on same grid as citadel bot is undocking from
	- fixed typo in naming of the Alvium cruiser class
	- tweaked EWAR logic so from now EWAR structures are included
	- tweaked npc titan/dread/etc. recognition as they in some cases might be mismatched with citadel names

	- "ShowStats" configuration entry as obsolete
	- "Frigates_First" configuration entry as substituted by whole new feature PRIORITY TARGETS

NEW CONFIGURATION ENTRIES (please adjust your config file accordingly)
	- added "IntelOnly"
	- added "NPC_Priority"
	- renamed "LootOfficer" ==> "Loot"
	- renamed "BookmarkOfficer" ==> "Loot_Bookmark"
	- removed "SwowStats"
	- removed "Frigates_First"

		Always please check new config to be sure you are not missing some variables.

		if you are interested in some questions join my private discord
		if something, let me know

And because of christmas and stuff, EXTENDED trial included :wink:
Enjoy, have fun and merry christmas!


Happy Holidays & Thanks pikacuq


thank you and to you too, o7


Good evening my friend, I read your topic of how to select the target according to the attack priority, and I tried to implement it in my personal BOT, but I did not get much success.

What is happening is that I enter the anomaly, and start to select the targets in order of priority, but the BS are fought first that the frigates, and then I launch the drones and end up attacking the BS instead of the frigates (since they are on the list before the frigates).

Adding your code, my BOT is interrupted by selecting the targets until all of my Overview are selected, but in the list that was “locked”, remains without the priority, the BS first because they were locked before the frigates.

One solution I found possible would be to have the BOT identify how many targets are in the process of locking and waiting, for example.

There are 3 ships (2 frigates and 1 BS) in my overview and I determine a limit of 2 targeting, he selects the two frigates and waits until he has a target to shoot.

It’s possible?


this is not that simple. As sanderling dont know ship type, you have to extend main DLL in order to be able to identify what is what.
So what I have done is extended sanderling memory reading so i can work with shiptypes on bot code level, once you have that you simply target ships by type.

as locking speed is different on different ship sizes you have to avoid to target bigger ships at all, means by defaul bot is trying to target smallest first, but BS are being targeted quicker so it looks like priority is not working.
In my approach i do target only priority sizes one group after another.

once you have shiptypes in memory reading, select is done like that:

var	listOverviewEntryToAttack = listOverviewEntryAll?.Where(entry => entry.ClassID != 50).ToArray();
var PriorityList = cnf.NPC_Priority.FirstOrDefault(index => listOverviewEntryToAttack.Any(entry => entry.ClassID == index));
var listOverviewPrioritized = listOverviewEntryToAttack?.Where(entry => entry?.ClassID == PriorityList).OrderBy(entry => entry?.DistanceMax ?? int.MaxValue).ToArray();

ID 50 are in my code towers, which am ignoring, cnf.NPC_Priority is configurable order of the shipclasses

short story:
1.extend sanderling memory reading to contain shipclass ID’s
2.adjust bot code by priorities


I understood the code principle, thanks for the help. I tried adding these variables and replacing some of my code lines but I was not very successful in getting them to work.

Could you give me a sample of how to call this function?
For me it is giving the following error:

C:\Users\User\Desktop\A-Bot-2018-04-04\src\Sanderling.ABot\Bot\Task\Combat.cs(61,37,61,57): error CS0103: The name “listOverviewEntryAll” does not exist in the current context
C:\Users\User\Desktop\A-Bot-2018-04-04\src\Sanderling.ABot\Bot\Task\Combat.cs(62,24,62,27): error CS0103: The name “cnf” does not exist in the current context


you indeed can’t just copypaste my code into your code.

  1. you have to extend sanderling memory reading so you have classID in memory
  2. you have to declare cnf somehow, mine is taking variables from configuration
  3. create your code


I understand my friend … unfortunately I do not have enough programming knowledge to perform these tasks, but I still thank you very much for the contribution.


Hi Pikacuq,

Please pm me regarding buying a private key.


Hola amigos,
been tweaking stuff here and there and prepared some new features as well :wink:

so here we go with version v.2.3 which now can refill ammunition if you are using ships with guns. HIM was proven to be working with rattles, vindis, domis and even SM battleships already, so now it’s time to automate even more and refill your ammo. Make sure you are following instructions in the config file in order to make that work properly, and make sure you have really big chunk of ammo in your station hangar :wink:
…p.s and there are more interesting features incomming in some of the next releases :stuck_out_tongue:

// 09.02.2018

	- intel mode: ship types are being reported 4times only
	- - automatic Ammunition check/resupply for ships which are using guns
	- - note: you have to switch inspace inventory into DETAIL or LIST mode! (MANDATORY)
	- - fill your Item Hangar in given retreat structure with ammo ship/s is/are using, set up name of the ammo in configuration.
	- - make sure you have way more ammo you actualy need for the overall runtime of HIM.
	- - bot will periodically check if your cargohold have at least minimum ammunition and if not, he will go to refuel
	- - you can define how much ammo you want to refill (use this feature to maintain free cargo space for loot, otherwise bot will use whole cargo for ammo)
	- - you can (and should) define low ammo trigger, eg. lower than full rack reload amount. If your guns can hold 350 missiles for example, set this variable to 349. This is because your guns won't reload if you have less ammo then full rack.
	- Bot can be now paused by pressing:
	- - B + N (ctrl + alt still works)
	- Bot can be now resumed into operation by pressing:
	- - B + Y
	- propulsion type is from now on automatically recognized
	- when refiling drones sometimes He left rest of them in space
	- when using ship with no drone bay Retreat procedure won't work correctly in some cases

	- Retreat Drill is now performed by:
	- - for toggle on press : R + Y
	- - for toggle off press: R + N
	(old shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+Q and +W are not used anymore, as it caused in some rare cases modules to overheat)

CONFIGURATION ENTRIES (please adjust your config file accordingly)
	- added "Ammo_Refill"
	- added "Ammo_Name"
	- added "Ammo_AmountToRefill"
	- added "Ammo_LowTrigger"
	- removed "Anom_RespawnWaitSpan" as obsolete
	- removed "Ship_Propmod" as obsolete
	- removed "WeaponsRange" as obsolete
	- removed Anom_RespawnWaitSpan configuration entry and logic as obsolete because of waiting is performed in Tether already
	- removed definition of Ship propmod as from now of it's fully automatic
	- removed fallback for weapon range as not needed anymore

		Always please check new config to be sure you are not missing some variables.

		if you are interested in some questions join my private discord
		if something, let me know

Extended trial period already included in sample config file. Just tweak it to your needs and run it to test how it’s working for you! :slight_smile: