Planned Bot App Overview



This post is about considered future features for the bot app, to give you a quick overview.

  • Based on recommendation from @Kaboonus at Is credit time being used when paused? Support restarting application to automate: Restart the application which has been specified by the user outside of the bot scope.

    • This means that the bot cannot start arbitrary application, but only what has been picked by the user.
    • The bot can then access the new process resulting from this command (Sensing, Input)
  • Push notifications to your mobile phone, as suggested by @Svs here: Push Notifications

    • Support modeling custom messages in the bot code, so that the user can distinguish different kinds of events.

Push Notifications
Is credit time being used when paused?

If you think something should be changed, or have questions or feedback regarding the plans for the bot app and the interface used for bot programming, you can create a new topic on the forum.

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