Problems in Minerconfiguration


i have some probs in configurating the Senderling / Miningscript for EVE.

At moment my ships warps to the belt, select a Astroid, set course…und bump it again and again.
Without activating a Miner.

I used the script with a normal venture und minin laser I

By targeting a Astroid ist looked a little confused too…


Some problems solved…some new ;O)

After deaktivating the non aktive modules ( laser upgrade, schield extender ) it is mining…

But only with ONE miner ???


Perhaps you are using a bot which is only activating one mining module per asteroid. It would first approach and lock another asteroid and then activate the next module.


Ok…this problem ist solved too ;O)

One last question…

Im always jammed ( alpha clone / can’t skill the radar )

How could i aktivate a sensor booster ?
Is there another way to solve that ? passive modules / implants ?


You can set drones mode from passive to aggressive and they will atack npc rats.


of couse…but they don’t attack. no matter if passive or agressive.

Drones attack automaticly, when they were started BEVORE a npc shoot/target at me.

in my case

  • npc target / attack / jammed me
  • drones started
  • drones fly around and do nothing, bot tries to target
  • shield goes down to 65%
  • drones return
  • dock
  • script stopped