Purchasing And Using BotEngine Credits - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What Are BotEngine Credits For?

In contrast to flat-rate subscriptions, the credits system enables you to only pay for what you use.
Credits are deducted from your accounts balance when you use BotEngine services. For each use which resulted in a deduction of credits from your account, you see a record at http://manage.botengine.org/credits under Usage Charges.

What And How Much Do I Get For X Credits?

Credits can be used to run bots in the Sanderling App.
Using a bot costs 16 credits per minute.
Usage time ends when the bot is stopped or the program is shut down.

Where Can I See My Current Credits Balance?

You can review your current credits balance at http://manage.botengine.org/credits under Current Balance.

How Do I Add Credits To My BotEngine Account?

With the following three-step process, you can add credits to your BotEngine account:

  1. Buy A BotEngine Credits Voucher Code
    We let an experienced reseller handle payment processing to ensure high standards.
    You can buy a voucher code for 300 000 BotEngine credits from our resellers’ site at the following URL:

  2. Receive Email From Paddle
    After the checkout on the paddle site, paddle will send you an email. The email contains your voucher code. Note that this code might be called a License Key in the email from paddle.

  3. Redeem The Voucher Code On Your Account
    Log in to your BotEngine account, then enter the code received via email from paddle on the BotEngine website at http://manage.botengine.org/credits/RedeemCreditsVoucher
    You will then see the added credits reflected in your current account balance at http://manage.botengine.org/credits

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