Ratting bot: anomaly and/or asteroids with Sanderling

having a problem at line 25/26 its kicking out my region, maybe i misunderstood what its expecting there, but got the local issue fixed

it take the region name, if you have the button opened ( is usefull for drones)

Hi @kaboonus,
I have been testing your bot after configuring it via script. Code comments are nice and understandable. I am having no issues with the bot, working fine with 2 arm rep and prop mod.
Unable to test so far:
If move to next room when ally on grid
If dread or unwanted ships spawn what bot decides needs to be done.
My cat is catching many rodents, and shows applicable fear when enemys are abound.


if dread appear, he run. tested couple times.
if unwanted ships come on grid is the same .
if you have no problems with his script, you could go on the one more developed only for anomalies, and there the behavior is more complex


Bot works great so far, few things I seem to be missing to be a completely fully run bot.
Drone refill, is this something that needs to be added or am i missing something?
Also, if Bot takes critical damage, docks up and stays docked unless manually undocked.
Log messages repeat over and over saying trying to repair damage.

Thanks for your help

Edit- Seems like bot is docking rather that tethering in order to repair.

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he get out and stay on tethering until it repaired.
This bot is the first one developed, and more than that it take also asteroids, and is more complex than it seems. Slowly it became more an tutorial/guide script because i added other features, and his child’s are more efficient.
is better to start to use Marvel script and use my wiki to setup. In time you could develop your own script who follows your play style better than a general script

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fixed undock button on git

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I followed one of the links in the first post, and found this change in the code which seem related to the undock button fix:

Linking this here so I can find it again.

Hey mate so I’m looking through it and wondering how would you implement a change of client say you wanna run 5 clients with this script I would completely guess it would be an if command that states if idle alt tab

did you tried the search button … (mate)?search%20button

Yes I did mate I couldn’t see any other reference to multiple clients

you need a picture ?

take a picture: first 4 results in search are with multiple instance/clients … “mate”

I was searching in this thread

but it was a reference even in this thread:

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ok so im back again and probably gona be made to look stupid again but i was wondering i know this auto activates your armor rep when u need it to but does it also activate a shield rep if it was a shield ship not an armor ?

this script, no.
try marvel script

and is marvel not the script that also loots ? i wanna avoid looting but i havent had a look at marvel will look today

it take or not the loot, or salvage, at your will.
is auto.
if you put an mtu in your itemhangar, then it use mtu and come back to change on salvage mode.
also if you put salvage drones in your cargo ship it use salvage drones, if no, then it only rats
look deep into marvel bot :slight_smile:

btw i know like im b egging for it all to be done for me but im actually following the microsoft C# guide to try learn it as i have never used it before so i am hoping in understanding what each script does (your actually are helpfull cos it explains each line) i do apreciate your help and if u got any decent guides to teach me C# or any better scripting language then i would love to have a look