Ratting bot: anomaly and/or asteroids with Sanderling



News after feedbacks:
Now owning the anomaly is working;
Stopping the armor repairer only in certain conditions
+new: changing the tab to the one for ratting
+security checks for measure all modules ( you have to fill in their number)

Check the last commit


or to keep be updated, here you have the master branch :slight_smile:


A new week, a news update:

  1. If you think you could not be caught botting, then something is messed with your reality. No randomizing doesn’t solve this eventuality. The simple fact you play 7h doing the same thing, again and again, daily, is a fact, like clicking at nanoseconds for 7 h, on 7 accounts, omega or not. The rest is philosophy.

Let’s rock than with news:
Randomized delay undock because some reds come back in your system. change the value at your pleasure.
Omni is supported. Is in tests, but is there. And expanded checking of this modules.
the bot will go home and dock and stop when you don’t have enough drones. the measurements are taken when you are taking anomalies; From my experience is not the case with asteroids( to check the number of drones).

Let’s say you want to do 30 anomalies, well, you are served: offload limit is your friend; When your reach 30 dockings, then the bot will close the game and stop himself. ( default is 100 you will see why)
But, maybe you wanna bot from now to 4h30m ??? Well, the bot will take you home, dock, logout and stop.
Unless … yes there is an unless :slight_smile: if you didn’t reach the 100 dockings. so Be careful what you chose, because any docking caused by neutrals is counted
But let’s says … you play from work and like me, you forget about DT.
You guessed right, this time :))
he go home; take a nap until you start again
And again, you guessed right, unless Offload count limit isn’t reached AND the play session isn’t expired.
The smallest value, of this timers, measured after you finish a site, could send you home.

So the stats are changed to reflect new features:
you started to bot at x time, and you will stop in xx hours/minutes or when you reach offload limits.
So you have to pay attention to filling these timers. I hope my guide is satisfactory, and you pay attention to some basic maths.
NExt: is a picture, of your sexy overview. More precisely how to set up the reds:
it doesn’t matter ( too much) because if they are on your grid, your dead; But you never know.
And the next one picture, again, with your overview:
this is how you set the wrecks.

Also, about chat local, to avoid his automated focus on him, just hide the local behind the overview. but to see the red stars from players.
Don’t overlap the windows
or chat
or move manual your ship( dock etc etc) Pause/stop the bot if you intend to docklocal

Gift Anomaly Ratting salvAGE Bot with Sanderling - GARBAGE-2 and measuring his efficiency
Gift Anomaly Ratting salvAGE Bot with Sanderling - GARBAGE-2 and measuring his efficiency

If am not mistaken (and I might be :slight_smile: )

var eveServerDT = DateTime.Today.AddDays(0).AddHours(11).AddMinutes(0);

will give you your local 11am time.

If you want to target real DT which is in UTC timezone try this

DateTime localDT = DateTime.UtcNow.Date.AddHours(10).AddMinutes(45);


yes, you are mistake :slight_smile: I let you guess why

and maybe , just maybe you make bigger your horizons and learnt that the local time isn’t UTC-15 min in Chine, Alaska and Londra or brazil,. Is just for your personal location . local time. In rest, since Im not interested by ntp time and precision at nanosec , I can relax use date DateTime.Now since is used by windows ( actually is the clock from system, not measured on ntp)
The only mistake was I let


and not how it was announced in the introduction (1 min before the real DT)

** Of course, like usual you can copy paste or you can convert ( yes, you convert so to be available for everybody) to any timezone ( and not local) always checking ntp servers

**later: but to not be an ashole, i will check again at next dt


ok you didnt understand nor read what am saying and because i do have patience … so again…

datetime.today is your computer time
datetime.utcnow.date is utc today

so your code, no matter what you are saying around to “teach me new horizons”, will not work at dt time but it will shutdown your client before 11 your time.



yes, you are right ( i will update the commit anyway)

but you dont now why :). i let you guess why I’ve made like that. and why I want to use today. in meantime I can offer you some documentation


timespan until the real dt of the server is fixed.
just for documentation, at the midnight the day changes …is in nature so you have to distinguish between these 2 days at the midnight, if you started to bot before midnight.
you cannot use the “local time” because is a lapse between your local time and server time, and also this lapse depends on summertime or hiver time. Maybe we have to remember in the world there are countries where they do not change the hour on summer because they are not aligned with this European ( economic ) accommodation.
Whatsoever. about changing the hours on summer hours or hiver, there are discussions in the world they wanna drop this reglementation, again, because the economy ask for that.
So in conclusion, since I look in a distant future of this script ( I still find scripts from 20 years ago) I took all this in consideration to use UTC.

Back at the midnight, *.Today was perfect since you need only the day to compare and Today …is used for DAy ( not time distinction)
Even so, Pika was right, but only at half.
Conclusion: i fixed that :slight_smile:


I know I will regret this, but… I do like to know about new horizons anyway :slight_smile:
Is your code really doing what you need? cos there are some utcnows but I dont really see where you know on which time DT is. So you are substracting time from utc.now but , that will give you now-variable.

Code for DT exit should be really simplified from those else ifs you have to simply:

var RndMin = new Random().Next(12,47);
var UtcNow = DateTime.UtcNow.ToShortTimeString();
var UtcExit = DateTime.UtcNow.Date.AddHours(10).AddMinutes(RndMin).ToShortTimeString();

if(UtcNow == UtcExit)
// do stuff

UtcNow is current utc time in HH:mm format
UtcExit is exit time in HH:mm randomized on minutes eg. 10:38 because we dont want to exit everyday on very same minute, do we?

Because we know exactly when DT is (11:00 UTC) we just pick our exit Time (UtcExit) and then compare actual UTC with our exitUTC. If they match -> do stuff, if not, ignore

There is no need to check today, tomorrow, current or anything else.



good for you, you tested your code?
**if you don’t understand some shitty basic math it doesn’t mean the maths are wrong

you do not regret because you have clients who ask this feature.


yeah right, regret is real

sorry to bother m8


I don’t know about your regrets, but I can see you like spamming other posts due to boring all day or some ego’s echoes :slight_smile: :slight_smile: don’t worry, you’ll stay alone here because I will not keep posting.


you seems to be bit rude to my liking for no reason, but do what you need to :wink:


I promised at somebody to upload this picture.

keep updated!

Gift Anomaly Ratting salvAGE Bot with Sanderling - GARBAGE-2 and measuring his efficiency
Gift Anomaly Ratting salvAGE Bot with Sanderling - GARBAGE-2 and measuring his efficiency

It’s your turn to lose some ships :))
Who accept the challenge to lose some ships, say it here and try the updated bot
after 1-2 days repost here your result to take the second reward( big big thanks :)) )
** valid offer until next update


testing latest version. seems bot is not prioritizing ewar frigs anymore.


it doesnt make clik on them or it doesnt send drones?
comment like that: ( but will change the ewar targets often, again)

        else if ( null != EWarSelected) // && droneInLocalSpaceIdle)
            //Host.Log("drones change to ewar target"); // it was for debug
            Host.Log("Some nasty rats, engaging them ");

And I saw with the tethering stuffs he try to warp home first, when you search anomaly (Im working at that)
did you tried the havens?
** and the reward :)) thank you for feedbacks


Ok. Bot was ratting for several hours and prioritizing ewar correctly. Then all of a sudden it got triple web and scram, and never detected it. "Some nasty rats, engaging them " never showed up in logs, and it never sent drones. Only bot detected need to armor rep. Could this be an issue with sanderling since bot never detected ewar?


From a month i take alot of disconnects, but yesterday I experimented maybe 10 disconnects from the game, the usual socket closed.
When I traced the route, the last bridge to them was always with a big delay and one another bridge, the same.
This it happens from the start of big war and the guys used ewar to delay the server and not lose their keepstars.
Anyway, this week I lost 2 ships because of that, in the evening.
About the Sanderling in these situations he “lose” some readings. Is normal, since even the game interface “lose” things and connection.
Sometimes he warp home from nothing, it put the message " retreat from hostiles", without the number of hostiles in system, but you are alone in system. And surprise, after you change the interface ( docking) you see the guys there.
Sometimes you take damage but it didn’t appear , even in interface, but the bot detect ( and because of that I modified the script a little to not stop bot on armor low hp and verify the entire hp of ship when you are in tehering zone).
Overall, because of this failures, I had to put plenty of " security" checks and the script become too complicated and hard to add new features. Anyway, I think this is not the fault of Sanderling. Somehow he detects there is something messy because I take this " failures" when are more than 28800-29000 peoples on the server. If are more than 30000 and is a big battle with more than 1200 into a system is completely unstable and his readings are messed, so he didn’t detect.
Anyway, overall, I advise not using the bot more than 4-5 h/ session( mostly in the weekend period). After the each session is better to restart the computer, because of eve server and interface( and eve cache).


Hey, I’ve been using your script while adding and removing some things to make it run smoother and better for me. I have a list of some things you might want to take a look at in your original.

If a rat warps off in a belt, the bot will keep attempting to lock/orbit it from even 800 km out, etc So I added a distance maximum for locking targets and orbiting and when it considers a site finished.

Also, there is some sort of error which pops up very rarely in which the bot will sit in a belt/anomoly with targets locked but not launch drones. I put in extra dronelaunch failsafes to correct that.