Ratting bot: anomaly and/or asteroids with Sanderling



:)) thank for your feedback Dralal
I don’t know what version you have but waiting on haven rock is implemented by long time.
look here

 if (AnomalyToTake == "haven" && 0 == ListRatOverviewEntry?.Length && NoMoreRats == false && 0 < ListCelestialObjects?.Length)
                Host.Log("               I'm in Heaven, waiting my rats :d :))");
                while( 0 == ListRatOverviewEntry?.Length)
                    return InBeltMineStep;

for me is working


I answered you here:

Eve Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release


How can I set the bot to just orbit a celestial on landing and to avoid it orbiting rats?



if the celestial is there, then he orbit celestial ( pay attention at what celestial you fil in settings and your overview)
also if the distance to rats is too big, then he orbit rats


I changed the anomaly to take to “Angel Hub”, but for a strange reason, when it finishes the first anomaly, the bot opens the scanner, and says “there’s no anomalies, warping back to home”, when there’s actually like three more.

What could be going wrong?



1). I have no idea how are angel hubs;

The answer at the same question is here: ( +/- couple posts up or down)

and also here

I really thank you for each feedback of my bots, there are invaluable infos for me, and I will appreciate if you continue sending them.But is not good to expect at 100% possibilities covered by any bot, unless if you created a game designed to be played 100%automatic;


I don’t think the problem is the 0,0001 delay. The anomaly list is populated. I have 4 “Angel Hub” in anomaly scanner. This is the situation:

Bot starts, undocks, iterates through anomaly scanner and correctly ignores the ones that should be excluded. It just leaves unfiltered those I want to run (Angel Hub. The system has 4 Angel Hub permanently, with almost 100% uptime). Then, bot takes warp to the first item in the anomaly scanner, and successfully completes the site. It reopens again anomaly scanner, but it seems it can’t iterate again through the list. There are four warpable anomalies, but the bot isn’t able to see it somehow, it thinks there isn’t any anomalies left in the system, and just warps to “home” and stay tethered forever.

I think it could be caused because the bot doesn’t use the same function (or whatever you call it, sorry, I’m not programmer ^^’ ) as when undocking and warping for the first time.

To sum up, the bot correctly iterates through anomalies list when starting it, but fails to “read” when completes first site.

I think this problem could be fixed telling the bot to retrieve anomalies list (again) when tethered, or leaving anomaly scanner open all the time?

I’ll be grateful if you could shed some light to this problem!


If you run my script, maybe you look on code and see there is only one function to take anomalies : https://github.com/kaboonus/Sanderling--ratting-bot-anomaly-or-asteroids-/blob/46bd6eeafcf8b306a810b5c2558c17d93851e47f/ratting-anomaly-and-asteroids.cs#L1176

if you find a second function or method who execute “taking anomalies” on my script, I give you a champagne. ( that if you are adult and drinking alcohol is not forbidden at your age or your health )

I already explained to you why this is happening.

The script is working for everybody, except you. For me is working like it is for … 20 H daily on different chars.
So you could change your script in a more appropriate version for yourself.
So, follow the execution of code

Sanderling.KeyboardPressCombined(new[] { VirtualKeyCode.LMENU, VirtualKeyCode.VK_P });

this is the line where he closes or opens the window.
Also, be warned, if you don’t close the window, you could “deactivate” different other features


look here , the log with garbage bot ( too see he is working like a charm how it is)

10/04/2018 15:30:27:  GARBAGE-2v1# Sites : 2 Total: 1,044,176,073 ISK # Session: 32,670,725 ISK 0 LOOT .
10/04/2018 16:09:37:  GARBAGE-2v1 # Sites : 3 Total: 1,070,969,743 ISK # Session: 59,464,395 ISK 0 LOOT .
10/04/2018 16:18:11:  GARBAGE-2v1# Sites : 3 Total: 1,070,969,743 ISK # Session: 59,464,395 ISK 0 LOOT .
10/04/2018 16:49:30:  GARBAGE-2v1# Sites : 3 Total: 1,092,925,502 ISK # Session: 81,420,154 ISK 0 LOOT .
10/04/2018 16:58:41:  GARBAGE-2v1# Sites : 4 Total: 1,092,925,502 ISK # Session: 81,420,154 ISK 0 LOOT .
10/04/2018 17:33:15:  GARBAGE-2v1# Sites : 5 Total: 1,117,529,302 ISK # Session: 106,023,954 ISK 0 LOOT .
10/04/2018 17:33:35:  GARBAGE-2v1 # Sites : 6 Total: 1,117,529,302 ISK # Session: 106,023,954 ISK 0 LOOT .
10/04/2018 18:09:52:  GARBAGE-2v1# Sites : 7 Total: 1,144,792,046 ISK # Session: 133,286,698 ISK 0 LOOT 


buddy … i found a bug … when the bot finds a dread … it keeps going back and forth to the site in infinite loop without doing nothing …
also when you enter an anomaly claimed by another player it just stands still doing nothing


bug? no, it was not programmed :slight_smile: since I never found a dread in … almost a year. So it escaped me to delete the anomaly (when updated to follow partially the garbage version).

hmmm; this could be a bug … but for you, because of this lines:

 if (RattingAnomaly && (0 < listOverviewEntryFriends?.Length || ListCelestialToAvoid?.Length > 0 ) 
 && ReadyToBattle)
	{     if (probeScannerWindow == null)
        Sanderling.KeyboardPressCombined(new[] { VirtualKeyCode.LMENU, VirtualKeyCode.VK_P });
        if (  ListCelestialToAvoid?.Length > 0)
	            Host.Log("               Gas Haven, better run!!");
	            ClickMenuEntryOnPatternMenuRoot(Measurement?.InfoPanelCurrentSystem?.ListSurroundingsButton, UnloadBookmark, "warp");
	if (Measurement?.ShipUi?.Indication?.ManeuverType != ShipManeuverTypeEnum.Orbit)
		Host.Log("               Presence of friends on site! Let them be!");
		ActivateArmorRepairerExecute();//to be sure I stay alive, rats can target me
        return TakeAnomaly;

do their job daily in my case. So:
could you provide the log where it says: Presence of friends on site! Let them be! ??

because if your ship stays there, then he detects the friend( that means you have colours like here : Ratting bot: anomaly and/or asteroids with Sanderling

anyway, I updated the dread behaviour and moved upper the lines to open the probe window; if it doesn’t work for you then the log vital to detect what is happening in your case.
like usual updated git:


also i can suggest you to try garbage version who use drones for salvage and compare the two. Later you can use the one more suited for you


i still don’t understand what shall i change in colours ?


I don’t know, I told you if your bot stops and wait, that means you have darkblue on ally and green on corp players., but if is not the case, you can check and inspire yourself from the picture I posted already.

without a log from you I cannot do nothing, I don’t have divination powers like telepathy, visualisation at distance, etc to see why your bot stays when he find friends on site and not ignore the anomaly and get out from there like mine do on every same situation
and if you just tell " he stays there" that doesnt help at all; you can describe at least: the window pobe is opened already?the mouse hovering there? in the window the “km” is there or not?.
with your exact description and the log, I can guess what happens, and why, by extrapolation. Without them is pure speculation ( or divination)


buddy i dont know what have you done but the bot now keep bugging , stops for no reason and i just died to another dread … can you please roll it back to the previous version?


Are Dreads on your rats overview? I know that sometimes a new patch comes out and the overview gets messed up.

Other than that I am using Garbage versions without salvaging fairly well… I occasionally got killed by rats till I adapted my fit. Course I am running Forsaken hubs and not seeing any Dreads.

Of course you can still roll it back yourself… that’s the power of Open source software.



it is in my overview … nothing changed
and idk how to roll it back … totally inexperienced in this stuff
if you can help and send me the roll back version i will be glad :slight_smile:


You asked to have it rolled back… what has changed in the version you are using? You just download the last version that worked for you. I looked at the github version and the last series of commits was a couple of days ago
if you want to go back you will have to use this

[ September commit ] (https://github.com/kaboonus/Sanderling--ratting-bot-anomaly-or-asteroids-/tree/fb3d02f03c4def3e9be072582faa5b138f7c6f8f)

Not sure if I linked it right (you get what you pay for):smile:


strange, because I runned the last version half a day and is working.
you can see the changes if you look on commit list ( on the code, it shows in red what is deleted and green what is in +)
the last version is an sumum of
+add delete bookmark when dread is there and changes in measurement modules

agreed with you, garbage version is better because is simpler (even so I saw if you have salvage drones and combat, sometimes it launch the salvage drones in combat mode , but that happened when I runned 3 chars - 2rdp and one main, so the lag was consistent… ram at full, etc etc)


click on commits, chose your best, copy paste the link ( it has to be the one with blop inside) or better, go to raw, copy/paste the code in your file.


alright thanks buddy i will also give garbage a shot …
1 more thing can you make a guide or toturial on how to make multiple bots running at the same time ? i tried RDPWrap and i couldn’t make it work the new windows are always buggy and too slow