Sending a 3 key combination to the bot



does not work to send alt+shift+q, because it only accepts 2 arguments. how to send a three key combination? i really do not want to change that combination to a 2 key one because the chance hitting it by accident will skyrocket :laughing:


the answer is here:

Sanderling.KeyboardPressCombined(new[]{ VirtualKeyCode.LMENU, VirtualKeyCode.SHIFT, VirtualKeyCode.VK_Q});

you have it in garbage script:


In other words: i have to cramp all key i want to be pressed into an array and pass the array to the bot. thank you very much for this insight :sunglasses:


I stolen that from forum man :)) honestly when you said it was an array I had an evrika !! figure . you have right :slight_smile: