Starting first virtual machine for Sanderling



and this is normal. anormal is to install linux like a second OS, destroy the grub, destroy the windows, try to repair and reinstall the windows and wake up with 2 systems in one, I have 2 users and rdp is accessing the second who is considered like a second SO, thats why i cannot use same video card, and his name is different ( computer name) .
anyway it is an accident, so 100% you cannot replicate him


I have win 10, build 1809, v 17763.253.

I make a secon account but when I try to connect it trought RDPCheck result is "The number of connections to this computer is limited and all connections are in use right now. Try connecting later or contact your system administrator. "
What I do wrong?


take a look to identify your version (17763.168) to see how you solve it


… a lot of spam… 168 to 256 …back to 21.21 , up 911, left 34…

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I have 2 video cards , is working like a charm if you use 1 core /user and only one videocard and with some tweaks. and is working for … 9 months by now. Even so, i use rdp only when I need to work on same computer and I need to work with keyboard/ mouse, so I send the rdp in a second virtual desktop.really rare I use a second alpha on rdp, but is working

2 video cards physical or virtual?


physical, but this is another thing. the main is I have accidentally 2 systems in one