VMWare 15.02


Trying to use Sanderling 2018-12-06 under VMwWare 15.02 with Windows 10 x64 … so slow it is unusable … any suggestions?


Depends on why you wanted to use VMWare, what features you need:

  • If you want to isolate filesystem, network adapters, etc. : To get better performance than VMWare, but still a complete virtual system: Windows Sandbox
  • If you only want to isolate mouse and keyboard input, or have separate/multiple desktop(s), Windows Remote Desktop is an option. Windows Remote Desktop does not islolate filesystem or processes or users, so it needs less resources than a complete virtual system.

Paperspace.com is a good alternative, especially because you don’t need any additional resources on your own machine.


I dissagree with that statement. I was using VMWare VM for years and tried to use rdp wrapper. VM cost less resources.