Warp out when hostiles appear in Overview

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to use the Sanderling mine.ore.cs script that comes with the latest version and tweak it to what I am wanting but can not figure it out. I keep getting killed by Raznaborg Damavik ships and instead of sticking around till my shields fall I would like to warp out to another asteroid belt as soon as any red hostile ships enter the overview. When they show up they are not counted as rats so I cant get the bot to detect them to leave. Any help would be grateful as I’ve been at this for a couple days. I’ll try to answer any questions but I am still relatively new to c# and Sanderling.

Thank you.

What configuration options do you have in the EVE Online client to make these overview entries appear different? Can you change it to use a distinct background color?

Sanderling reads a lot of information about each overview entry, also

  • Background color(s).
  • Icons. One entry can have multiple icons. (targetedByMe, Targeting, AttackingMe, Hostile, …)
  • EWAR Icons.
  • The more obvious ones: Name, Type, Distance, etc…

Source: https://github.com/Arcitectus/Sanderling/blob/06d196a66777bfd8313d6e36bc7f2925a2a7c840/src/Sanderling/Sanderling/Parse/Overview.cs#L35-L58

Any reason to not use the Name and Type for this?

I’ll try it later today and report results. Thank you Viir.

Are there some news on this topic?